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  1. MaRvIn

    Custom Maps

    Add ME and when you want to play shoot me a message and will get on to switch the maps.
  2. MaRvIn

    Custom Maps

    Maps: anbar_coop bridge_coop_b3 bunker_busting_coop game_day_coop_beta4 ins_abdallah_new_coop_a7 jack_hammer_coop nightfall_coop_beta1 tunnel_rats_coop_beta6 clean_sweep_coop_ws
  3. He is doing stuff, just wants to raise money faster and he thought maybe some people would donate to help his cause of getting more than 30fps. Don't rudely call someone lazy before knowing the full story of what is going on.
  4. Sweet, more maps! You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  5. Or you can hang out with us cool CS:GO players.
  6. Vote on the date that best suites your schedule. We can't pick a date that is best for everyone but the dates that are best for the majority. Also, these dates are not official and can change at anytime without notice. Due to the unknown availability of Black Wolf Hall. The main reason for this is to see how many are interested. If you are voting for multiple people please leave a post of how many. After you vote please check back every so often in-case any dates change.
  7. Watch for a new thread at the beginning of each month with a screen shot of the skin and special rules for that night if any!
  8. There has been some discussion about dates nothing confirmed. We should get a new area to talk about FFO 2015. I don't see a problem with the same venue there haven't been any issues there, except for the unlucky first time. Although hotels will still be looked at.
  9. MaRvIn

    H1Z1 Fun

    Me and Killer getting chased for speeding. http://plays.tv/video/54bc68a2bca49ade99
  10. I would be in on this game after looking more into it.
  11. Rest in peace, pinky toe... YOU SHALL BE AVENGED!

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    2. MaRvIn


      I hit it against the door frame walking into my room.

    3. Johnny


      Man up. You got 9 more.

    4. Protomanx13


      wear slipper.they are your friend

  12. Is it basically like Survivor: Untold Stories without the pay to win?
  13. Vanilla Minecraft gets too boring too fast.
  14. Looking forward to playing, now that I can see easily across the map
  15. I want fatty and mom bobble heads.
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