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  1. Hey everyone. I was kidding around about Corona Virus about it being Mexican, which happens to be my favorite beer, but was banned for my comments. I do apologize about this during this sensitive subject / time, and it wont happen again. Also pretty shocked its a perm ban.
  2. I like the Hunter as it is. No more nerf needed.
  3. Do you know how hard it is, to boom a single person 5 times? It should be a achievement.
  4. Mae its a discussion. Jeez man.
  5. If games are unbalanced, send me a PM. Ill balance them. I feel games are much more fun now. Much longer, and I see hunter players actually playing other classes.
  6. Jackie, the rounds are longer and the team who does not have the ace players are playing much better or at least lasting longer. Why would it not be permanent?
  7. I have to agree with Zero on this Anzul. That comment is for players who don't belong in this community. We don't need psychopaths. Usually I find people who play like that usually don't have much going in real life and tend to live at their computer and try to bring others down with them.
  8. I played a few times lately. The nerf is not that much less. But I have not played with the high pouncers either.
  9. No one is arguing really. The servers have been peaceful. But the new gamers are getting slammed by high pounces.
  10. We should rocket jockey for 12.5 pts.
  11. The fact that the high pounce members - point abusers are defending it show how the game is stacked in favor for hunters and they dont want it changed. Lets be serious. It takes more skill to do a boom spit charger than waiting for 2 min for a 26 pt pounce. It takes more skill for coordinated attacks than a hunter pounce. And while the team is struggling to do this, Hunter players just wait and wait not contributing at all at that moment. Example. New rookie players join the server and most of these "top tier" hunter players always go for them first. So what skill are we talking about? To defend this shows how ridiculous the logic is. It seems Jackie will Nerf it. Lets Nerf it for 50%-75% of the points and damage now.
  12. Yortz, sorry I missed your comment in game if I was on, But on a full server we are not going to babysit the AFK's. Sorry
  13. I say scramble every round. Who cares about points?
  14. Zero, You remember that CS team that was busted cheating about a year ago (11-2014) with toggle hacks etc? They played in front of everyone with recordings. Cheats can be extremely sophisticated now. And toggled and a good player can use them correctly. http://kotaku.com/top-counter-strike-players-caught-in-big-cheating-scand-1662810816 Now back on topic.
  15. And for the record. Board Members have final say on all Perma Bans when it comes to cheats. For many reasons. I like the hierarchy because some Admins do not know cheats unless they are obvious.
  16. Killz, I will answer the post with me in it. We all know the strength and weaknesses. We know deadlock loves hunter. We know about the AWP and the AK, I agree he is smart to play the way he does, but without burying members and their demos, we cannot show you what we have. In addition, One demo that showed me a wallhack or assistance is the bridge incident I mentioned. As for the attitude, it does not help him. Ever since the Elite Twitch thing, I dont feel I need to worry about him anymore. I personally dont care if the ban stays or is lifted. But I do appreciate players not being a "Dou'che'"
  17. Shafee, Admins are more than capable. Please know your audience before making assumptions. Some are programmers, and others play a lot of games. Some have used cheats when they were younger etc. Some Keep to themselves, Some are super strict. We have all kinds of admins with different levels of skill You cannot base game play skill to running a game server etc. Also, Almost every top 20 player has been reviewed for hacks. Deadlock is not the first. I personally have reviewed and defended many players such as Elite, Elias, General and more. We had a couple of players use addons on server 2 that had an advantage, and they were not perma-banned. We are not out on a witch hunt. I personally stopped recording Deadlock because I dont care about his play skill. But others have submitted tons of demos. Deadlocks aim assistance and walling is clearly on our demos. We cannot show you because it will give away who submitted it and what we are doing to track cheater. How did I get dragged into this, wait, are you saying crasx that I was banned recently? Or that time near the beginning of my playing here? You are fine. Its that hunter trail incident. Long forgotten by everyone. I dont know why It came up.
  18. My Problem with Deadlock is the attitude. You come here attacking a Board Member? You think you are above everyone else? You are not the best, and more importantly, your attitude will get you nowhere. I will lay it out. We have demos from a year ago until now from multiple sources that have been collected weekly. Many players submit demos and want to remain off the record. Thats a lot of demos from people who want to stay out of it, but submitted demos. Your peers are a few who defended you . We have a lot more members who submitted something about you cheating . WE watch these videos with tools and super slow mo speeds. We watch them over and over, and approx 10 admins at a time review. We have a lot of demos that we feel you were "lucky" which is what Crasx is saying and we agree a good player would know where to look. But we have demos that everyone agrees you cheat. For example, Not just looking at 2-3 spots. But actually aiming through a bridge at the exact spot where you could have 300 feet of spawn. Shooting a hunter that are off map while boomed and more. If this was another server, this would not be a conversation. But you choose to continue this. You were busted cheating. You are not the first or last. Attacking GC as above will not get the ban removed.
  19. Antivirus. Even adding the directories to the exclude list, it still causes issues. Just disable while playing the game
  20. Most people are allergic to Peanuts, I guess.
  21. Thank you Killz. I was taking about L4d2, But I understand that CSGO is a lot more competitive and has better players, so I would assume this would happen.
  22. Hey Viva, Valve does not give any headsup, excuse or reason or demo.
  23. I really dont care what you think Schultes. I know you are besties with Deadlock, maybe more. Not sure. Who cares. I dont.
  24. For the record, I have been asked to demo and view many top players such as Elite, Elias, General, Yortz, and more. I have spent dozens of hours playing oddly to record and track stuff. Using some tools we have. In the end, I have defended almost 99% of the players here. So the general rule of thumb is, you are innocent till proven guilty by our admin group. I also appreciate your effort on this topic an community and while I understand why you are doing this, I would just wait now till Peanut reviews with his peers as a final review. It can stay here for now since Peanut did not move it.
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