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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVVLsUUWrQY How do you embed this?
  2. Is that a million? I was going to say I easily get 160,000 hits on Elites.
  3. I am. I have been working my donkey off. I also took a week and went to Barbados.
  4. I thought about this last night. I must not be liked on the server for not to be mentioned. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Really? Not one mention of me? OK> Walks away with head down.
  6. Jackie, too many members with too many opinions. Do what you think. I think there should ne a 3-4 minute time on the respawn. Then you dead for good.
  7. I got it to 113K. I am on the quest to just play now and see what happends?
  8. Hell Yeah!! More People to slap me!!
  9. Hey, I am, back from Barbados. Ill try and get a better 1 hand weapon and try again. Thanks for the info.
  10. Thanks, I bought a few things though, with what i can afford. If I can find where to go and get the good stuff, I would. But a lot of people are not fun to play with as they seem to always be afk etc or die fast. I thought yielding 2 weapons with 900+ dps would be awesome
  11. Why is my DPS so low. I seen others with 200+ dps with less gear I am at 99K DPS. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/GARYCHIOS-1346/hero/23025290
  12. Noob Canon is down? Freakin Awesome!! Worst weapon as it allows the worse players to actually hit something.
  13. Server has been fun!! Lets not continue the no fun comments I see the Admins point of view. Every Admin has his or her style (Dont know the hers). So they are in a difficult situation to police some rules they may or may not like. Some admins have more experience to deal with an punk like me, and others are more to the point and kick. I understand, and I am OK with the procedures either way! We the players will need to adjust as the rules change. I may personally comment to Kitty or session or Malo, and that is wrong. I have stopped it as most of you can see.
  14. Huh? This is coming out of left field..
  15. I stopped complaining. I just rage now. I think that is better. LOL
  16. Dude, not your first time. I have heard you curse a lot. You are always trying the admins, especially Lookback. This ban is justified!
  17. This is just ridiculous, so I am going to say it. GC has two admins who do tooo much admin work while on the server! The server is just as fine when you are not on the server. Its actually very uptight when these two admins are on the server and playing. I will be the one to spill the beans. You have half to 3/4 of the GC server PM-ing each other on Steam chat because these two admins are on power trips. I personally like these two admins, but come on. Who the hell cares of a slip up on a game at 11pm? Warnings for all kinds of stupid things etc. Come on, we are here for fun. Its become the joke, the no-fun server.
  18. This is my character. Its really hard to get Legendary Items. The best I have done is 500K for a rare item This is Wizard http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/GARYCHIOS-1346/hero/17723092
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