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  1. In all seriousness though, good luck tonight. Know that my entire country will be watching
  3. After our last match (Belgium won 1-0) our king and queen congratulated the players. We have two black players on the team. The queen congratulated the wrong one with his goal (in fact not only did he not score, he was switched out during the second half for playing really badly )
  4. I'm playing ME3 again and remembered what it was exactly that annoyed me: it's the fact that best ending is basically the destroy option: destroying all synthetics. This really bothered me because of the depth of the discussion around the differences or similarities between synthetics and organics, with debates on free will, autonomy etc. You get really invested in EDI and in the geth, and then you have to destroy them. Which would be ok if this sacrifice was really highlighted, but it isn't. It felt to me like: yes, chose to destroy the reapers. Oh and those geth and EDI who have really grown on you are dead too, don't make a big deal out of it now.
  5. QQ less, the ending was fine. which one? Mass Effect 3? Or which Mass Effect 3 ending? Mass Effect, like most popular franchises, have a rabid fan base. If the ending isn't exactly what they want they will cry about it. And that's exactly what they did. NO ending would have made fans happy. No i'm really not like that. The ending didn't need to be 'this way' or 'that way'. It wasn't horrible, but it was just completely out of tune with the rest of the tone set by the universe at that point. So i wasn't completely happy, but i also wasn't part of the "we need a new ending" cryers
  6. Belgium has a good team this year, no idea if they will deliver though. On another note me and a few friends started a fantasy league... I got Casillas as my goalkeeper... (the Spanish goalkeeper)
  7. I've seen this trailer before, but watching it again now it's basically a statement saying: "we are nowhere near finishing this game in the next two years". Which makes me sad
  8. I'm very excited, but that ending man... it scarred me so bad. Started a new mass effect run yesterday. Over 600 hours spent in mass effect 2. Mass effect 3: barely 80 hours.
  9. You should. He believes in you.
  10. I'm in college right now. One of the key aspects: facebook there's a closed facebook group for every year in the education, where you can exchange notes, ask question etc.
  11. No worries. Two things: The boomer explosion doesn't cover under them, they explode upward. Meaning people directly under them won't be biled. The second thing is as talpa said, if your ping is 50 or higher, it may seem as though you were right next to someone when you died while according to the server you were still above him.
  12. This entails you to a digital mailbox with your very own name in the world wide web.... pretty scary stuff, huh?? Well don't worry The Dude, you will take to it like waffles and chocolate. I know what a mailbox is , but why do we need this?
  13. Could someone plz explain to me what this entails?
  14. If you give a little love...
  15. Anyone know where Avengers has been hanging out?

    1. MasterTalpa
    2. walkingCat


      u mean that shaurma place? wat

    3. Avengers


      mmm shawarma!

  16. Looks amazing... if you have the friends to play it with
  17. Banned by Zero for one day. There's a change to the sourcebans so he'll have to unban you.
  18. amen brother I would agree with this whole heartedly. Ah yes, the good old "as long as i'm fine, i don't care what happens to the rest of the world" Yeah, just as the political forum, i'm distancing myself of this conversation. Could you please explain the relationship between what you said and what Preacher said? How is always having a shelter over your head without worrying about foreclosure or being able to afford food and medicine without it being heavily taxed the same as saying, "As long as I'm fine, I don't care what happens to the rest of the world"? The people in foreclosure or the ones that can't afford to eat dinner are the ones MORE likely to not care what happens to the rest of the world, and with good reason. Because people get taxed on their income. If you have no income, you shouldn't have to pay a lot of taxes. That's probably not how it is, but i just disagree that the solution to that is to get rid of taxes all together.
  19. amen brother I would agree with this whole heartedly. Ah yes, the good old "as long as i'm fine, i don't care what happens to the rest of the world" Yeah, just as the political forum, i'm distancing myself of this conversation.
  20. Net neutrality is a law in Europe, at least i've heard. No proof though.
  21. I played against a guy few days ago, he was saying his wisp hard carry strat is the new meta Sounds more like post-advanced-revolutionary-beyondthemeta new meta
  22. God i remember the wisp vs kotl game... WORST GAME EVER
  23. Challenge accepted: only mid game - both players go invoker
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