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  1. When are you guys wanting money. I have not seen a link to pay. I will definitely be there. I can pay now or I can pay later. NM ... I found it in the store. *Blond Moment*
  2. Me and my son would like D13 and D14.
  3. Ill be there if it happens in october. I can prob make it work with work. Whatever the date may be. I'll be bringing my son this year.
  4. FragFest will be over by the time you get there!!!
  5. Just trying to nail down who will be golfing on Thursday. We are meeting a Fatty's house at noon to load up a cpl of things then we will be going golfing. Getback with me ASAP.
  6. I will be there on Thursday. Is FK FedExing the money to pay for the hall? If so I can meet the guy again this year and pay him and get the keys.
  7. Ill be there again. Just tell me when.
  8. we will get together anytime after 6
  9. we are planning on about 9 am for golf.
  10. till when ever or until Fatty kicks us out
  11. If you can help out it would be greatly appreciated as Fatty is recently divorced if you could bring beer or alcohol that would help alot. Let me know if you can help.
  12. I talked to Fatty and we are still planning to get together on Wed night. Post here if you are attending so we can get a good head count.
  13. If you are attending or want to attend golf on Thursday please let me know. I need a count so arrangements can be made.
  14. Price Cleveland and Akron Canton (CAK) both are fairly close CAK might be closer and i will be willing to pick you up there.
  15. If i brought my DOCSIS 3 Modem my wife would kill me because she would have no internet.... then again maybe i can setup the wireless hotspot on my tablet for my wife to use and bring the modem. as long at the cable there is Time Warner Cable. I'm running 30Mbps down and 5Mbps up.
  17. Im all for whooping your butt mother. hehe jk
  18. I need / looking for a roomie. If anyone is interested in sharing a room let me know.
  19. Im open for anything, as long as as the power will support us. As for the Clarion I don't think there are 2 highways around location anymore, that was temporary due to construction.
  20. Ill be there... seeing i have all the equipment. :-) I'll be bringing my daughter. Just tell me when and where.
  21. Ok no prob just wanted to make sure you got the money.
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