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  1. I can't remember the last time a game made me laugh so hard. It's simple, fun and most of all just flat out hilarious if you aren't taking it too seriously. A few friends and I play it regularly, will send you a friend request on steam if you want to join us, Steam already says we were in the same server for a while yesterday lol.
  2. I already have CoH and Metro and I don't really want the other games...but I do tend to buy a lot of games that I will never play. I'm sold.
  3. Right it's definitely not setup in its current state to support what i said before, and I seriously doubt Valve is about to put any kind of considerable effort into L4D2 at this point aside from adding the workshop. I'm sure it could be done if they were willing to do it, maybe L4D3 will have a better setup for custom content =).
  4. Greenlight is steams way of letting gamers decide which games they want published essentially. I don't think there are any kind of requirements, so that's why you may see a bunch of sub par indie games made by first year programming students. People can also add mods to be greenlit, meaning steam will have a store page and allow people to download it directly through steam. I highly suggest that everyone look up Neotokyo and greenlight it, great HL2 mod.
  5. Yeah, Valve just did a bad job implementing custom content into this game, which I really never understood considering they owe their fortune to mods and custom maps that made their first game so popular. The campaigns are too big to download in one shot while connecting to a server, and it would cause too much of a delay at round start to have everyone download each map on the level change. What would be awesome, but its more a dream than anything, is if they implemented something with the workshop that would allow you to choose to download the first map of a campaign and let you start playing and continue to download the rest as you played through it.
  6. I haven't seen a mid match scramble in a while. But IMO the biggest problem with the initial scramble at the start of each campaign is that it happens too early to be effective. Scramble, 4 people leave, 2 go AFK and get on the opposite teams when they join back. Scramble was pointless.
  7. Well you can always pick up the old Indiana Jones, Loom, The Dig, Monkey Island 1&2 on steam if you want actual SCUMM games. I don't have a bunch of the old school style indie adventures but I can tell you that The Whispered World, Gemini Rue and Alternativia are 3 great recent indie adventures that I have played, not exactly old Lucasarts but they are worth playing. And of course if you just want a great adventure game grab The Longest Journey which is less than $5 now. There are a couple that I plan on grabbing during the steam sale, Resonance and thinking about Captain Brawe and this Deponia game that just came out.
  8. Well I know that I have been in Russian 10v10's and all the text appears in Russian, so I don't know if source games have any kind of ability to translate text..which would be ideal in this situation. I think that non-english speaking players are a big source of situations like this. The only somewhat easy way to help that I can think of is an animated spray that would cycle through commands in 2/3 languages. We also have to consider what the average 10v10 server and player is like. There's maybe one other 10v10 that I have played in where people actually use mics. Most of them are full of silent players who just rush, leave their team behind and take advantage of the overpowered perks to massacre everything they come across. New players may find what goes on in the gc server to be surprising, unusual and may have never been in a 10v10 where people are actually trying to work together to win. Those of us who have 200+ hours logged on the server are playing from a much different perspective than a lot of the 10v10 community is. Sometimes I feel bad for new players, they get yelled at and ragged on constantly because they are lagging behind or going down the wrong path etc. I definitely get it, its annoying when you are moving along smoothly and a new guy drops in, gets incapped because he's shopping alone in the back. But "DON'T SHOP!!!!!!" and "Hey _____, shopping is a bad idea on this server because...." can produce two drastically different reactions from the offending player. I think just politely letting people know what the server is about would go along way...not that their aren't helpful or polite people around here because there definitely are, but I also see a lot of overreacting to new players mistakes.
  9. I would definitely play. Do people still use skulltag? I think that it could run 32 player servers.
  10. You can unlock everything from what I have seen without actually paying any money. But its one of those is my time worth more than my money kind of things.
  11. Sounds like it would be hilarious. I would definitely play.
  12. Yes, I was in the beta for a while. It's honestly the best produced F2P game I have seen, definitely worth playing. And there's nothing like advancing with an army of 200 people and watching the epicness unfold. The biggest drawback is that it is rather system intensive but towards the end of beta the performance had really improved. I'll definitely be playing, add me on steam or in game BusterMcKnuckles if anyone feels like squadding up.
  13. I always figured Ellis would have a giant dodge ram logo tattoo.
  14. I think it could start with stuff like only tier 1 weapons or pistols. Maybe even only melee weapons. The problem with more extreme stuff is that I could see half the winning team just bailing instead of having fun with it.
  15. 1. Bill 2. Francis 3. Louis 4. Zoey Repeat until team is full
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