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  1. You don't like red armor oe mega health either.
  2. does "not sarcasm" mean ultra sarcasm?
  3. thanks for heads up mad, someone else told me the same. I will get it this week and set up boot camp on my iMac, then update all my q3 files so i can play on the gc server and hand out some propper butt whoopings.
  4. anyone wanna split a room and cost? respond quick and ill check into the days in posted above
  5. so l4d2 is down, come play quake live! my name is the same there

  6. No. But I have a friend who can give windows do for free next time I see him Hopefully anyway. He had an extra copy of winxp. I refuse to put any of the newer versions as they were garbage
  7. It will once you tell me how to get a copy of parallels working so I can get it off steam
  8. www.quakelive.com. Ans the rest is easy. It guides yoy
  9. so crasx, walking cat, and myself were playing quake live last night. IT WAS A BLAST. i bit the bullet to buy premium membership so i could do servers. now i know cras is hard at work on the gc quake 3 server that uses the regular game that you can mod, play custom maps on, and what have you. But some of you may not want to buy it, and i know i have to find a way to make this new mac run a game that was made for PPC mac that i can not run. (cras told me to get parallels,). BUT IN THE MEAN TIME, we can all play quake live for free, and together! some of you should check it out so we can get some games going, its sooo fun. best FPS ever. EVER. anywho, we all have the same names as quake live id's so you can friendlist us. PLEASE PLEASE TRY IT.
  10. i dont have any anti virus... i have a mac and have never had an issue. hackers scoff at us and dont bother to try and break our worthless things. do i still have to do something to show that im virus free?????
  11. Sooo, I've paid the reg fee, and was looking forward to this event. However, not many have signed up, and I am real disappointed in the lack of l4d2 names to sign up. So the question, hypothetically, if I chose to bite the bullet and not drive 12 hours to Ohio because there will be more players on The GC server itself, could I still get my goody bag and shirt mailed to me? This is hypothetical, I will probably still show up. Still hopeful everyday I log on and there will be a bug bump in attendees, but, in hypothetical land, what would happen? Ps, I've only played like 2 hrs of CS and don't even have it installed at the moment, was always a quake player and hate the super life like shooters. So I'm not all too thrilled to drive that far for an event more geared to a game I don't like.
  12. Note: Jackie had to use an Butt load of console admin commands to get that done.
  13. I wanted to show up, but I was 2800 miles away from my computer. This weekend!
  14. I'm going to book a room this week or next. Anyone wanting to share and split costs let me know. PS, I sleep with a tv on.
  15. just got back from vegas, looking forward to zombie gaming and building things with blocks again!

    1. MPG1770


      My 4yr old nephew builds better stuff with his blocks than any of you block-heads

    2. Madvillain


      Welcome back.


      Are you going to take that from Maestro??!

    3. FacePalmSmash


      I'll death charge him.

  16. For face palmsmash: Facepalmsmash1 Chest 13 Cc 1313
  17. Am I real, is this real, are you real? All I know is that GC vent equality is not real for members. Let us Mac users have a voice! /end motivational speech tirade of comic intent
  18. I'm a lame a lame Mac user I'd like to be on vent
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