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  1. stumptruck

    2020 updates

    Server 2 is now randomly switching players. Last game I was in it moved all the players to one team so it was 7V0
  2. stumptruck

    MOTD Competition

    I'm not a graphic designer at all and I am not good with font choices, but I wonder if having easier to read fonts might be useful? Also just throwing it out there to have the rules in Spanish as well? I tried my best using my colloquial Spanish and Google Translate, here is a draft. I used powerpoint lol
  3. stumptruck

    Is your Membership not working?

    Everyone... the OG stump would like his account back. My question: Can I transfer my membership? Update: Yes I did! My new steam name is New Stump until I get all my friends back. See you in the server!
  4. stumptruck

    Is your Membership not working?

    *Fixed. Thanks Crasx Paid for my membership on 5/27 but was kicked tonight. Stumptruck: STEAM_1:1:616663
  5. stumptruck

    GC L4D2 Update

    Is there any way to make No Mercy the default campaign? After the server crashes it automatically goes back to Parish which crashes faster than No Mercy