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  1. Yeah the lag is horrendous. What can we do to fix it?
  2. Server 2 is now randomly switching players. Last game I was in it moved all the players to one team so it was 7V0
  3. I'm not a graphic designer at all and I am not good with font choices, but I wonder if having easier to read fonts might be useful? Also just throwing it out there to have the rules in Spanish as well? I tried my best using my colloquial Spanish and Google Translate, here is a draft. I used powerpoint lol
  4. Everyone... the OG stump would like his account back. My question: Can I transfer my membership? Update: Yes I did! My new steam name is New Stump until I get all my friends back. See you in the server!
  5. *Fixed. Thanks Crasx Paid for my membership on 5/27 but was kicked tonight. Stumptruck: STEAM_1:1:616663
  6. Is there any way to make No Mercy the default campaign? After the server crashes it automatically goes back to Parish which crashes faster than No Mercy
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