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  1. Nforce

    New admins required

    i did an application before and crasx was going to make me on but I had to wait my turn
  2. Nforce

    New admins required

    I would like to be an admin, I am usually on late at night when most of the trouble happens
  3. Nforce

    Custom Maps

    wow seems like most are trying to shoot it down instead of ways to make it work. Maybe have a custom map night for members or something
  4. Nforce

    Anti Cheat

    Most do care its all about having fun but people that are no good want to ruin it for everyone instead of putting in the hours to get better
  5. Nforce

    Anti Cheat

    There is quite a few out there I am sure there is a way to actively scan game folder. I an aware though nothing can be cheat proof
  6. Nforce

    Bragging and Benchmarking

    81995 3Dmark 03 AMD 8150 cpu 8 core 16mb cache 16 GB OCZ reaper 2100 DDR3 ram 2x GTX 650ti's no overclocking
  7. Just make sure you get one with cable management its so much better, Also make sure you get one powerful enough for what you need
  8. Nforce

    Anti Cheat

    There has got to be a way to actively scan peoples game folders during gameplay for hacks. The amount of hacks is almost borderline stupid. Since there has been no updates to the game for awhile all the aimbots and wallhacks and such will never go away.
  9. Nforce

    Regarding the Weapons

    Just a thought what if you could by upgrades for the guns after your done. Like lager mag or increased fire rate etc.... Would really be cool if you could buy a upgrade to have 2 main weapons.
  10. Nforce

    Custom Maps

    Cant you have a download link in the server as one of the messages?
  11. Nforce

    Battlefield 4

    I will be getting BF4 I have played all the battlefield series and like most of them. I hope though that the programmers do a better job in 4 than they did in 3. I agree that bf3 is good but I think bad company 2 was better as far as gameplay
  12. Nforce

    Custom Maps

    Ya me too been trying though and not getting much. Could even take a poll on the site and have a download link where people could download the maps
  13. Nforce

    Jackie Pathing Demo

    I like the pathing but I noticed last night that the bots go through the fences is that normal
  14. Nforce

    Hot to Become Admin

    oh my all of that is hard to follow uuuggghhh