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  1. i only got a laptop up at school... might have to upgrade the old desktop if i can get together some funds, which always seem to be lacking
  2. TheBugs


    talk about a reunion
  3. TheBugs


    So I havn't been around in forever and dont really feel like reading a million posts to see whats new. Anything major changes around here? I've been busy with work, school and enjoying life in general to bother myself with PC games right now. I hope some of the old guys are still in here... i miss the good ol' days. Hope everyone else is doing good too!
  4. yea i relized it was only a thumbnail. dont have a place to upload the full size version
  5. My sister is big into photography right now and she put this together of the lake we stay at in Maine every year. I think it came out quite good. cant get it to show up any bigger... hmm.
  6. nice pics... nice fork! i gotta get some pics up... Im on www.bustedspoke.com alot since its all pretty much in the northeast and they have a nice buy/sell section.
  7. ive been fishing after work for a good 2 weeks for rainbows and brookies. been eating good almost every night! Still need to get out on the lake and catch some nice smallmouth tho. Also just bought a new Bass Pro Bionic Blade/Bionic baitcaster im dying to try.
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    saw you the other day too. woo
  9. TheBugs

    dane cook

    yea hes one funny guy
  10. was it dead? did you keep it?
  11. 11 letters long. ciccaglione. no one pernounces it right unless they know me personally.
  12. lol what is the world coming too?
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    we put an addition onto our house. my dad hated cleaning gutters...so he didnt put any on. problem solved.
  14. at least put train and possibly cbble. or cbble might be in there i cant remeber.
  15. i played 2 days in a row! "its all coming back to me now..."
  16. 35 lbs for a DH bike is awsome. im sure you will rip on it.
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