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    Me confused. I see my life story told in soft words.
  2. Watching Olympic news. What's up with that funky Russian font that is on all the signs? It's always capitalized and SCREAMING AT YOU. Then when I think I start to figure out some of the letters...they throw in a backwards R??? Is this just a plan to mess with silly American minds? :)

  3. I rarely share anything relating to my private life here. I have to "break character" and be serious for once. So here goes. I would appreciate your prayers while I am separating from my wife of 24 years. We have one daughter 22, so no young ones involved. Just kinda hard to be "in the middle of it" right now. There hasn't been any cheating or other sin or crime. It's just been 6 years of a slow burn of discontent. In some ways it would be easier to deal with if I could point my finger at a specific offence. I mean, I still love her, I just can't stand her....and she feels the same about me. We are still living together although our decision has been made. Even though life is different, we are continuing to be nice, since there is no reason to be angry. We are trying to be nice about the leagal stuff too. I have an attorney that will write up the docs, as long as we both agree to the terms it should be a done deal. I hope things happen fast. Like pulling off a bandaid. Its gonna hurt, make it quick. Thanks Mic
  4. The Past is a merciless enemy. Better to retreat to the future.

    1. Girlzilla


      Hit someone over the head! Then when they cry, "Why'd you do that for?!" Say, "What does it matter?! It's in the past!!"

    2. Elvis


      Yes, I agree. I guess I meant more like if you are still holding it against them five years later with bitterness and a dusting of revenge. That's not healthy.

  5. This shirt is "Dry Clean Only"...which means "It's Dirty".

  6. Thoughts and prayers for The Stig. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/michael-schumacher-still-in-critical-condition/
  7. Dear Lord I sincerely hope you're coming, cause you really started something.

  8. Thanks Crasx. Me listening to Crasx talk tech
  9. There are so many great names in this community I often wonder what made you choose that name... what does the name stand for.. why do you like it? I'll start with the obvious. I like Elvis Costello. Underrated as a songwriter. I also relate to the sense of humor and the anti-establishment atttitude. I mean, the guy was banned from SNL for twelve years. from OpenCulture: "They were supposed to play his single “Less Than Zero,” a catchy tune about a loathsome politician in England. But only a few bars into the song, Costello put a stop to it. “I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “but there’s no reason to do this song here.” At that point he and the band launched into “Radio Radio,” a song that takes a jab at corporate-controlled broadcasting. Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels was furious. According to some reports, he raised his middle finger at Costello and kept it up until the unapproved song was over. Costello was banned from the show for nearly 12 years."
  10. “The songs will tell a story... They speak of a misfit's love for an unattainable woman and a struggle between a huckster and someone who composes music in secret.”

  11. That's gotta suck being so close to Christmas....\o/ JK JK Happy Birthday!
  12. Sweet! I miss deer hunting and camping with my dad. Good times.
  13. There is something kind of absurd about people who live in such a comfortable, cushioned, spoiled society tattooing themselves and piercing themselves to make them appear tribal. We`re trying to act like we`re some sort of tribe that`s been discovered in the mall

  14. Again I am so soory for your loss Tirtul. Being there before he passed and being able to spend some time is invaluable. Take a moment to reflect, then realize that now is the time to move forward and accomplish all your dreams, just as he would have wanted for you.
  15. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
  16. I think that you are easy to listen to. Good voice, good mic. I enjoyed even though I would never ever play this game.
  17. Winamp was the Sh..., i mean, The Bomb back in the day. LOL 8 years ago. It is/was a tight, low memory user with superior play for it's day. RIP my old friend.
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