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  1. I tried GeForce Now recently, and unfortunately it doesn't save your settings because the game itself will be installed on Nvidia's cloud. That means your resolution, game settings, binds, etc. will reset each time you start the game up, regardless if you have Steam cloud synced.
  2. I see a small flaw in this, unless its intended. If there are two tanks spawned in, and I buy a tank for what would be 50 points at this point, and another person buys tank limit, then I would have bought my tank for the price of 2/2 tanks (50 points) instead of the 3/3 price 60.
  3. dhun

    FragFest 2017?

    Yeah man, see you there!
  4. LIST OF ESSENTIAL BINDS || CHANGE "x" TO YOUR PREFERRED KEYBIND Buy Menu: bind x "sm_buy"; Buy Full Heal: bind x "sm_heal; wait 80; slot10"; Send Points: bind x "sm_sp; menuselect 1; menuselect 2; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot0"; Molly: bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 6; menuselect 1; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot10"; Bile: bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 6; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot10"; Ammo: bind x "sm_ammo"; Fireworks: bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 4; menuselect 7; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot10;"; AK-47: bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 3; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot10"; Laser: bind x "sm_laser"; Melee (most of the time works): bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 1; menuselect 6; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot10; Pills: bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 3; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot10"; Adrenaline: bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 3; menuselect 4; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot10"; Gnome: bind x "sm_buy; menuselect 4; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot0";
  5. it's the side button of the mouse. Usually the buttons that take you back a page or forward in a browser. https://i.stack.imgur.com/FdVVN.png
  6. Hey guys, I've made a post a while ago on the forums as rainydays with a bunch of tips a while back. This post is like a spinoff and an improved version of it. Why take tips or anything from me? Well, I'm nowhere near the level of the skilled players on the server (つω`*), but I've been playing a while so I caught a few methods/tips along the way. And I feel like a lot of members, including me sometimes, forget to implement these 'methods' in-game. So my aim here is to reinforce those forgotten techniques that make us better players. Now there's going to be at least one enthusiastic person commenting: "But Dhun-senpai, it all seems like common sense, and already said before in the many other tip topics". It just so happens that some people need a reminder, and since you're already an advanced points expert, there's no need for you to post in this thread regarding that. The better thing to do is to add something constructive and helpful to the topic. I hope this post helps everyone because my intention is for all of us to have a good time and enjoy playing on the servers. Let's get started! (´・ω・`) ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Part I - The Number One Rule: Ask for points in the chat using !np <#> !np let's players know you need a certain number of points, # being the number of points you need. Example: !np 5 will make a request that you need five points. To put it simply, the number one most helpful thing to do is ask for points immediately or very shortly after you get incapped. --- Why is asking for points in the chat is essential There's some problems to consider when someone asks for points on mic rather than chat. You're making people vulnerable because now people have to manually type !sp in chat making them open to hunters and chargers, etc., whereas those with sp binds can instantly tap and send points. And secondly, some people might not know who you are. I won't mention any names, but there's some seasoned members who are absolutely dead silent when it comes to asking for points until the last few seconds a lightbulb shines over their head "Oh yeah, I can ask for poi--"... *DEAD*. So please, we need to make typing !np in the chat window a priority when we get incapped. We can forgive new players because they're not familiar with this concept, but members whose hours on this server ranging from 1,000 to 22,000 on this server should at minimum be familiar with this. --- So, DO: Ask for points TYPING IN THE CHAT window as soon as you go down. Keep asking a several times if you still didn't get anyThe DON'Ts: DON'T STAY incapped in spit for long periods of time, not asking for points. (ex: you get incapped, spit is on you, you wait till spit is gone then ask for points) DON'T ask for points in the mic. (ex: in-mic: "Uhh, I need 7, no nevermind I need 14. Nevermind I'm just gonna die here go on without me") DON'T wait till for people to come pick your incapped body up in the open or anywhere DON'T think "Oh, I need 14 points. That's too many. I won't ask for points, I'm too modest for that". No matter how many points you need, just ask. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take --- Here's the bind to quick send to anyone who's asked for points, with this you don't have to type out !sp name # manually. It auto-sends to anyone requesting in sequence: bind MOUSE5 "sm_sp; menuselect 1; menuselect 2; menuselect 1; wait 80; slot0"; I use mouse5 but you can use whatever you want. ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Part II - Game Sense What is game sense It's common to misinterpret what game sense is because people don't really elaborate what it is. It doesn't mean knowing everything about the game. And the bad news is playing a lot doesn't necessarily add to game sense, the good news is it's something that can be acquired overtime. So what is it? It's being aware of the current situation in-game and being proactive about it. As a newbie, your mind doesn't juggle a lot of questions internally, meaning he/she won't know when is the best time to heal or use a smoker. That's because they haven't developed their game sense yet, so most of the time a newbie will just do as they will, like heal in the open or throw rocks 1 inch away from survivors. --- Why game sense matters Game sense is the defining trait of being a skilled player. It's why some people are better at carrying teams than others. A person with game sense will quickly go through issues mentally, such as "No, I can't heal in the open, there's hunters" or "Smoking in front of 10 people will get me killed in a second". Another example is knowing where to look/aim for special infected. There's common spots people playing special infected will play, and a skilled player will keep their awareness sharp for those areas. Some players have reached game sense to a point where newbies will call them fishy/hackers and will often get banned temporarily, you'll hear such phrases "B-but I just spawned in and he killed me!" or "That guy seems fishy". In actuality, not many people are cheating as we sometimes assume. I remember when I first started out on GC back in 2012ish, I would accuse of the top players as cheaters because I couldn't grasp how they killed me so fast or right as I spawned in. --- How do I 'get' game sense There's several ways to improve game sense not only in L4D2, but a lot of other games. One of the most important ways to improve game sense is to play frequently. This will familiarize you with maps and build muscle memory. Keep in mind, this isn't the only way to improve game sense, because it's evident there are players who may have over 10,000 hours yet still lack in game sense. Some people are slow learners but studies have shown it takes 20 hours to learn something at its basic level, and 10,000 hours to become an expert. Players often have different goals in-game. Some will play because the enjoyment they get out of socializing, and that's OKAY. But if your intention is to get better at the game, your best bet is prioritize active game sense. Making use of questions "why" and "how". Using examples is a great way to demonstrate how game sense can be crucial. So here's an example: you keep getting pounced from above, and from that the other team gets a tank from that. If you notice a pattern of you getting pounced frequently, you need to ask ourselves why and how. "Why do I keep getting pounced?" and "How do I counter their pounces?". From there I conclude I haven't been looking above in the sky as much, and I'll look up more and try not to heal in open areas. That's game sense in-training. The unwise thing to do would be to blame the class for doing what they do, in this case: pounce. That doesn't solve anything. Game sense is being proactive about your situation. Watch other skilled players play. Or watch yourself play. Watching others pros gives you the opportunity to gain insight on how they deal with certain problems, which you can add to your own gameplay. And re-watching your gameplay via demo or twitch past broadcasts can be a great way for you to see what you did wrong or what could have been dealt in a better way. Shout out to Gandalf's stream because his game sense is on point and there's a lot to learn from his plays even if you're skilled.--- Complaining There are sometimes players who will whine throughout the game that the other team is too stacked, so they don't do anything meaningful throughout the round. You'll see sometimes this person rocket jockeying for the whole game, and complaining about teams be scrambled. Things like rocket jockeying and rocket smoking are useless most of the time, and you are free to do it no one is stopping you. But if you decide to complain about teams and why this team isn't doing so well, you are part of the fault because rocket jockeying and rocket smoking are not great contributors to team progress. In short, complain in a respectful way only if you're doing your part and not lazing around waiting for an admin to change teams. Key take away: Don't complain about teams being stacked if you are rocket jockeying all round not contributing to the team. --- Headset and Sounds Having a headset or headphones is one of the most crucial investments you can add to your game sense, not just in L4D2 but in all fps games. Playing with speakers is just asking for trouble. Too many times there have been survivors who were smoked right behind or near them but they failed to hear the sounds giving the enemy the upperhand in points. To quote my older post: You can literally hear a smoker spawn next to you, or a hunter about to pounce you. Using only sight is very limited. Main point: Purchase/use headphones or a headset and use sounds to your advantage. --- Smart Respawns Respawning or defibbing when a tank around is possibly the worst idea. Most likely you won't have points for a full heal, so you'll be black and white exposed to a mean hungry tank who will get 30 points for healing because of this. So when should you respawn, or defib? When there are no tanks around, when the team is nearby and a health kit or points to give that person for heals. Highlight: Don't respawn or defib when there's a tank around. --- To put it simply, game sense is about asking questions. It helps us become better players not only in L4D2, but any game we play. ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Thanks for reading, and I hope this comes off as a helpful reference to everyone including me. Feel free to add or suggest something, such as general tips, advice, tricks/techniques, and criticisms. Much love, Dhun
  7. dhun

    The Passing

    the server is already dying day by day lol... just add swamp n crash course back to the rotation.. it clears out server aiight but usually after a while people start joining in again.... ask people who play a lot (maestro, merc, elias, etc) they would tell u they miss playing those maps as a lot of us do i think most of the server would agree w/ me... if not u can go ahead and make a poll rn to see if they want those maps back in the map rotation or not you spittin facts
  8. Hi Peanut, what did you mean here? "Please feel free to ask me questions if this is not clear."
  9. jackie edit: please stop posting that stuff. post normally plox
  10. PLEA̸S҉E͘ Ǹ̨͝E̶͘̕R̕F̀ H̢͡U̶N̴̸͝T̛͜҉͏̡È͝Ŕ̸̕S͟͜
  11. I believe I was in this game. I remember a few people raging, and that's quite unfortunate. Sure there were a lot of hunter users in my team, and we used it really effectively, so there was a lot of incaps because of that. But keep in mind, we didn't buy tanks. The tanks you guys faced was a scripted tank given to Carlos. Our team had faced that scripted tank too in the previous round. If you disregard points here, the hunters high pounced and incapped a multitude of people because they were standing in the open (with a mostly members game). Your team literally got pounced to incap before the tank showed up. Even if you were to nerf hunter points, the damage would still be the same. I'm not trying to come at you, but do you want to nerf the damage of hunters? That's what it sounds like. Otherwise a scramble or swap so there wouldn't be a 'hunter stack'. -- Either way, hunters have been nerfed. What more do you want to nerf? Perhaps we are all looking at this the wrong way. Including me. I want to remind everyone and myself to always look at the bigger picture and not let the heat of the game be the sole factor of our judgement.
  12. Hello (sorry for bad English) to admins: You may not know me because of my multiple accounts. However, I've played a lot of LFD2, over 2k hours in GC. Over this period of time, I've learned a lot of mechanics of the game, inquiring how certain people have their distinct style, mouse/kb optimizations, upgrading my hardware, etc. All of which made my gameplay performance improve by a tenfold (even though I still suck). I believe Deadlock has attained the pinnacle of these factors (or close to), meaning he knows what he's doing in the game. Though I can't assure you that he isn't cheating, I've spectated his some csgo gameplay via ThugTear's csgo stream on twitch, and his aim is superb. I don't know Deadlock personally, but it seems the admins have reached a verdict of him cheating. And from my point of view, it seems Deadlock was treated unfairly. Some points to consider: 1.) There is a small percent of pro's in the server. These people have more depth and knowledge about the game, ideas that average members do not know. The pro's in the server have more background to know what cheating in LFD2 look like, they are constantly improving their gameplay, as opposed to someone who just goes to chat on mic. 2.) This is going to sound harsh, but I certainly believe some (if not most) admins are incapable of judging what a lot of skilled players do. Especially if some of them hate people who use hunters, you simply cannot trust their judgement. In fact, I think a lot of admins don't have adequate judgement skills. Look, the reality is the admins are hard workers at what they do, some have 15k hours in L4D2, other admins you see online 24/7. This means jack for this situation, nonetheless. The situation at hand calls for more substantial discussion and review (NOT exclusively by admins, but by members of high skill too). Which leads to point 3. 3.) From the previous posts, it seems these demos are exclusive only to admins. I think Deadlock has a right to see these demos because he can, at most, justify what the admins thought of cheating. If you're that headstrong about not opening demo to the people (especially to the person involved), then you can't just shrug it off as "whatever, go play csgo something ya cheater". That's immature, and trying to win people over by sympathy is not for this situation. If you don't have time to review something, say so politely like Peanut. And that also means, not banning Deadlock until it's extremely likely that he cheats on account of not just admins, but trustworthy members too. This whole incident is shady, especially the fact that Deadlock isn't liked by a lot of people. He can go live in the tribes of Zimbabwe for all I care. It's more shady by reading the above steam chat. Whether you don't like him or not, he has been a member here for a while, and a skilled one at that. So you should open up your doors and at least give me the chance to prove himself that he isn't cheating, and on top of that: not locking posts for discussion. We are told in-game when a discussion comes up to go to the forums, what then if you lock down the forums topics? Steam chat... Well, that didn't work out too well either it seems. It's time for a discussion and review because this problem concerns a lot of people, not just Deadlock. We're all here to have fun, it's all fun. I don't know of any cheater (and I come across a lot) that goes so far to desire his plea to be answered.
  13. It's unfortunate that cheaters have to ruin the fun for everyone else. I didn't even know there WERE cheats in Steam workshop. First, I want to say that I'm not going to argue or debate about this, because I do respect the admins decision as it was decided on good intention. I will say that I find playing on gc a lot more boring, because I used to get excited to test new gun mods and finding new music for the Tank, etc. It was something that kept me coming back for more. Regardless, thank you for everything.
  14. Damn, you're right. I totally forgot about that.
  15. It's true. I could have defeated ThugTear's team had there been a scripted tank in my team. Instead, I had to use 50 points which I made off of my blood, sweat, and tears while ThugTear get's a free one.
  16. I came in here knowing very well the destiny of me being Coach eternally could be denied. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
  17. She's got terrible taste in fashion. Also her laugh is annoying.
  18. Hi, I humbly request that we be able to change characters in game. For instance, typing !coach would turn you into Coach. I love Coach. When mods were allowed on the server, I had Rochelle get replaced by some other hot chick that wasn't annoying. I hate Rochelle with a burning passion. If it all possibru, I speak for all Coach-lovers that we would be grateful.
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