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  1. whoa. it's been awhile. CS2 coming out...made me think of the good ol days.
  2. Someone shoot me a note on steam when its happening - I'd be down to be embarrassed in CS again.
  3. Jiffy


    I've been having a really good time since FPP mode came out. Hope to see you guys out there.
  4. I tried two levels with a buddy - this game is dramatically harder than I expected. Could be amusing for co-op with buddies. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. I picked up squad on sale - exactly as I remember PR, except harder! Hope to see you out there!
  6. I was amused and angered. Rage inducing, at the very least - but also super satisfying when you are able to win the match for your team. few thoughts: non-dedicated servers - I understand why they don't have them, but the constant dropping of the host due to rage quitting is horrid. There should be a penalty applied for quitting mid-match, like ranked siege applies (cool down to join) Round start - I dislike that they don't say "Round 1 - FIGHT", it is an unsatisfying 'round 1'...just feels incomplete. (its mortal combat with weapons and power-ups, might as well go for it) Classes - I like the balance, for the most part. I know three more will be available at launch - but I wonder how many more overall? Also - will they vary the play style more? Include another faction at some point? Feats - are these necessary? Is there a way to search for a game mode without them besides doing custom? It is arcade-y if you include the power ups too - I just want a mode without them, or at least the option. Game modes - If it is only the three modes on launch, I would be disappointed. (4v4 is the biggest mode available...seems limiting). Environment - Love the use of ledges, pits, etc. - really fun dynamic that forces positioning into the mix I liked it, I had fun, but I doubt I will pick it up...unless a few of my buddies do as well. Playing with randoms doesn't seem like a good time, as the necessity for teamwork (with audio!) is essential to any type of success in team play.
  7. I bit the bullet and bought Rust while on sale. I am on laptop only, so I won't be max out settings...but - I'm definitely down to join some friends to test it out. Let me know when the next group gathering is? I assume you are on discord for game nights?
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