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  1. MMMM Hmmmm! Had VI over at my house the night before for beer and darts heh. They introduced me to Ale8 one. And I will be forever grateful!!! Hoping to go this year WOOOP! Might have to buy source? I never made the jump. Got into SWG then WoW. Have since quit wow and mostly play Battlefield Bad Company 2. Who I'd like to see this year: !! Kurtz Longhair Mag Fatty Mr. X DLM(Mom, THX!!, Fish, Zad, Stroop uhhh Hmm) VI(puppy, swoop?), NCC14113!!! he can drag along BDG the SMEG Killer/Chamber Windex Wilco REDEYEZZZ Man Im gonna stop there.. Getting all teary-eyed! Good times back then heh!
  2. Thoughts go out Chamber.
  3. Hey Mag! No way dude they wrecked that game. It's sooooo bad now. I havent played that in over 2 years I'd say. Lauren and I both play WoW.. I have a priest and a warrior on the Bleeding Hollow server and she has a Druid and some other characters.. Lotsa fun. Bub wasssssup dude? Got your house all fixed up yet? I remember you putting quite a bit of work into it... And an addition to the family? How are things? Shadowfrog my ARCH NEMESIS! Not really You were like 8 when I was playing tho hows it going? Had a girlfriend yet?????? Who was your bro again? You guys all still playing CS or what? I still have never played Source. bleh. I play 1.6 from time to time but WoW is so time consuming its not even funny.. Havent played any Battlefield in forever either :/ FATSO WHERE U AT MAN???????? You guys coming down to Columbus for any Buckeyes games?? 3-0 BABY! WOOOOOO LOLMICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheres that darn spirituality and beyond forum? And my friend Soul?? Ahhh the memories!
  4. Hi friends! Whos still around that I'd know? HOLLA!
  5. Have to disagree.. Once you finish your template, it's nothing But PvP and killing high level MOBS to get the good loots Everyone was rpetty nubbish when Kenger was playing. And JTL is Very nice for travelling from planet to planet.. Example: Get a /msg from a buddy trapped on a planet by a gank squad of Imperials.. Our group of 15 or so hop in my ship and in about 30seconds all end up right where the PvP battle is going on and proceed to whoop the snot out of the gank squad. Lots of fun
  6. Man, I'm gonna post some screenies of some SWG pvp.. Pvp is where its at.. one of a pretty big jedi battle.. Dark side was across the river.. They got owned that night. http://home.insight.rr.com/bsgraber/screenShot0043.jpg
  7. SWG pwns.. Bow to the Jedi... j/k. You guys should check it out tho. I'd hook ya up with some stuff so starting out wouldn't suck so bad.. Our Guild in SWG rocks!
  8. I want the barn again :/ Just such a nice contrast all the technology in a nice little rustic scene like that.. And the firepit rocked! Huh longhair
  9. Well you know u can count on Jawiiarean and Pilar... Err I mean Watch and Trouble! It's getting bad folks.. Real bad....
  10. *Banned. Avoided swear filter.
  11. LMAO, you guys are All wrong! Lol, it's just Soooo funny how wrong you guys are!
  12. I call dibs on the hosting for a year.. Any objections? Let Fatty do whats best with the rest? Any objections?
  13. He was ghosting wasn't he? He's always saying something innapropriate.. I think he's on ritalin or something.. Or at least should be
  14. Hmmm. I think I might! Got AIM? Email or pm me..
  15. In that BBC interview, "Mike" said he gets 7 or so emails a week from people that have already sent these slugs money.. Sad. Nice find! I want to be a "baiter"! Minnie MOwse, the Great Tossini, THe Church of the painted breast. Lol!
  16. WHo's gonna send Me stuff??
  17. I just figured out why our heads look so big to Moss...
  18. Does anyone know what goes into the making of Spam? *shudders
  19. You'd have an endless supply of scrubs bringing in their stolen goods to sell.. lol I like it tho.
  20. That works for me.. I wont be playing anytime soon but sounds beneficial.. All I can use is teh web hosting.. Haven't had much talk on anything lately.. Whats up guys?
  21. Think about selling office suites.. No better way to show multi-user interaction than right there on a smallish lan.. THen you can teach them all how to use it! Too bad you guys couldn't have done it here in Columbus.. Move down here!
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