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  1. WoW all the way, im in the beta, and its awesome. i love every hour of it.
  2. just keep going anywhere you can until you find guys that attack you whenever you get attacked you know your going the right way the main portal takes way longer to get to than you would think
  3. hey, im rackishs friend that takes up all day playing it anyway the game runs great on my comp, no lag unless theres tons of people playing in one area or the servers are funking up 2.8ghz radeon 9600 pro 128mb 1gig ram pent4 i have a level 21 undead warlock and its GREAT i soloed for a long time, up till around level 16, i was still able to solo up till lvl 20 but it was much easier in groups. level 20 is when you need groups, especially for a warlock. very easy to pick up, ive seen SWG played but havent played it any in depth. i was able ti figure out alot of stuff just by playing, and of course im a HUGE fan of warcraft and bliz so i found out all i could about WoW. as of now the servers are moderatly stable with only a few crashes here and there. GM's are very helpful, if theres a serious issue like monsters not respawning, the GM's will restart the server right away for you. Theres kind of alot of bugs, but its beta so thats to be expected, occasionally you can find mobs flying(walking in air) back to their spawn point, and some quests dont work. all in all so far, a REALLY good game, makes you always want to push for that level up without getting you too addicted(the rest system helps in that respect). for a warlock, you start off with an imp summon, level 10 you get to summon a voidwalker, lvl 20 you get to summon a succubus and so on. of course it doesnt make it as easy as just learning the summoning skill, you have to do quests for each one, the quests differ depending on where you get them from(the warlock in orgrimmar or the warlock in udnead city etc) i love this game and cant wait till retail comes out!
  4. Ok, i have a 80gb western digital harddrive currently in place, my comp is: Pentium 4 2.8 ghz 1 gig ram 420 pwr supply i want to install a 120 gb seagate U series 9 hardrive as a secondary. need to know of any negative effects if there are any and how i would go about this. thanks in advance for any help you can come up with. Also, a small fan connected to my motherboard makes noise, i think its because it is loose, suspended a little bit over my motherboard but also glued on. its an annoying noise but nothing big. thanks in advance for any help you can come up with. And what effects would installing 2 256 sticks of pc2700 ddr ram have on my comp which alrdy has 2 512 sticks of pc2700 ram? once again... thanks in advance for any help you can come up with.
  5. Ive been watching WoW since it was rumored....been a bliz fan since my first game, Warcraft 1.(<3 dos) bought every bliz game after that, except for wc2:beyond dark portal and bnet edition because IMO wc2 was their worst game. i REALLY hope i get into beta, ill probably pay for it if im not...yah im addicted.
  6. dont bother....it is now a dead game, every new version is horribly rigged. get enfos, ZTD, Final Fantasy Open RPG, LOTR war of the ring, if you want some good games
  7. i used to play alot, then got bored of it..i play TFT dunno if you guys do to, would love to just have a fun FFA in crucible where noone tries...trust me, those are REALLY fun. archmage+mass teleport+gyrocoptors=pwnage
  8. anyone know where to dl it? isnt it an old game that came out before starcraft??
  9. linkin park metallica(old) CKY kenna Megadeath Adema 3 doors down kiss trapt linkin park linkin park and some more linkin park
  10. i have no idea how to make the boxes, you can ask Bleed4me(temp unavailable)/Bugsy/Sgt.Mack/Aragorn/Aneemation on how to do it in our public COD forums at ClanSTD
  11. ok, we got COD servers up since the game came out, ill try to help you with whats worked. -First and foremost, if you want your server full 24/7, then put a couple boxes in front of the servers name -At first S&D worked really well, but then the patch came out and now alot of people like HQ, id say just keep a rotation with HQ and S&D. seems to work for us, although votes are often made for HQ. If you put PAM mod on then less people will come, i dont know why but thats the way it is. -mp_harbor or whatever that ship map is called is horrible so dont put it in your cycle, maps like dawnville, brecourt, railyard are always the funnest maps. -Ban players with high pings, they lag others alot and its nearly impossible to get lag jumpers or at least very annoying -If you want to be good i suggest no TDM or DM, my saying is any noob can own at TDM or DM, it takes skill for S&D and HQ is alright but i still dislike it a bit -ill put your serv on my favs list in All Seeing eye and join in some time
  12. yah superman did awesome, i cant beleive that one match where we had ALL of the nodes and all of a sudden we lost all em and you won....its just not possible
  13. woooO! lots of fun, if you went by the name fatty.gc then it was a pleasure owning you
  14. ah, i had no idea there was something against cursing, my apologies. and i find it loads of fun as long as i have long intermissions between playing times
  15. damn, wish i saw this earlier, im a good commander with human, and played the demo so much i know those maps by heart, i ahve the retail also...should have another night savage is fun if you get people who know what they are doing
  16. yah its 24/7 HQ (although i personnaly like S&D better) and ill hit you up whenever we are good to go for a scrim
  17. hey, knew about you guys since the CS days when(IMO) it was still good. so i decided to drop you a line. im from clan STD or Storm Troopers of Death, Clan STD from the COD division, HQ Server- get one or two people in there and if its not alrdy full then it will be quick we also have many other divisions in our clan, feel free to post on any of the forums. we currently are in CAL, TWL League, and TWL ladder. hope to see you guys there! so many different smilies....
  18. i LOVE running people down with mantas, they are definatly the best vehicle in the game, small fast, and really easy to run people over. and the goliath tank just completly pulverizes everything, at first i had my doubts cus i hated UT2003, WAY to hectic for me, but onslaught is definatly a mode i can deal with, assault has always been fun too. and as always, it all looks amazing.
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