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  1. My first thougt was: why would a blind man need sunglasses? Then I thoguht, maybe he thinks the store owner would trick him by giving him regular glasses.
  2. Hmmmmm..... so I just bought an HD TV and found out the cost of going HD with my provider was just too much (I'm in college [again] after all). Now, what you are talking about sounds like something I can afford. /runs off to to find some Rabbit ears... finds Ebil... tosses her back... runs around the city.
  3. duma

    Steam down?

    /jumps off a bloody duke, raises a blood stained claw at Mo What was that Mo?
  4. duma

    Steam down?

    Anyone else having problems connecting to steam? This is starting to make me mad, and it isnt the first time in the last month that Steam has been down. Steam!
  5. Same. I think the game of the week will be NE v SD. I can't wait for that one!
  6. The company went bankrupt not too long ago. It seems everyone was running over their mouse and then experienced poor customer service.
  7. Razer mouses are crap. By that I mean they are great, but they break very quickly. I had three of them. The first I bought and it was replaced by warranty within a few months. The second followed the same fate as the first. The last died shortly after I got it. I once again tried to get another replacement, and the company basically told me to buy another brand. After that, I became a huge advocate for any mouse brand over the razor. Don't buy that mouse. BTW, I will also note that I only used the mouse in the same respect as I have every other mouse that I own; it was never tossed against the wall, smashed with my fist, or any physical actions of the kind.
  8. I just bought an LCD Phillips TV. I watched a movie last night that demonstrated how much better it is then the tube. I can't wait for more football to show me my decision was a goood one.
  9. I don't know how it could have been better. I'm torn on Cowher.
  10. I'm from Pittsburgh, and I brought my love with me. It doesn't matter where I live, my devotion will not change. This game was a blast. I was around a few Steelers fans, and the Bengal fans were polite. We were so close to the field that when Parker dropped the ball in teh endzone, I could see his eyes go big. Great time! Picks from the game... Our view from the seat... w/o zoom Me... happy as could be since we just won in OT! Porter leaving the field (for the last time?) Cowher leaving the field (for the last time?)
  11. You must really hate, or fear, those dear.
  12. I will be at the Steelers Bengals game today. We are in the corner of the end zone (left side if you are looking at the goal pst). We are three seats away from the field. So, if you get a shot at that area, I will be the guy dressed in a green rain suit holding a yellow towel. Go Steelers! btw, this is one of the best gifts the wife could have got me. Oh, and she is going too... but she hates the rain. Ha! We are getting a ton of rain.
  13. It is very good. I am half way through it in less then 24 hours. If you have no idea what this book is about, start with "Odd Thomas." You will not be dissapointed. Anyone else out there reading this book?
  14. duma


    "You guys camp; I have to rush."
  15. Closed due to the tri-fecta: 1. Franny is silent 2. We are seeing some "jumping on the pile" 3. Fatty has spoken If any comments need to be had, pm an admin a mod with your request or your post. Thanks!
  16. Mine is broken too. That link just takes me back to the front page. How do I fix it?
  17. This is making me angry. Today was my day to frag; my wife is at an xmas party (only girls allowed), my shopping is finished, and my exams are over. Come on... now I am bored!
  18. I agree. I disagree. Fran introduced us to his opinion, and now others have had a chance to respond. My own personal view to that is a productive conversation. Even if you disagree, in the least, nothing destructive is being said either. I'm keeping my eye on this thread (as I am sure other mods are), and if it becomes derogatory I will end it. However, Fran has opened a thread regarding a topic that ought to be discussed.
  19. DarkArchon, I don't mean to offend, but your idea of science is misplaced, as is your "intellegent design." While it is fine if you need that thought to embrace your idea of religion, it isn't proper to give it in a way that misleads those who are not sure. Inteligent design was not made up by science. It was made up by the theologists that struggled to explain what science is giving. Allow me to explaine one simple reason as to why what you are saying is incorrect. Science does not have to prove god, nor does science need to disprove god. What science does is it takes what is known at the time, and try to find more information, or explain what is, by what is known. God is faith, there is no way to measure any value attached to god. While science may say there is evolution, they don't have to explain why. It is the theologist who is attemting to explain why. Intelligent design is their answer. To the extent that you have found a scientist that embraces the idea, then I would suggest isn't science that accepts it, but one person. Science is a body of knowledge that doesn't think or feel. It isn't a thoelogy. There is no belief to science. Once people can understand that, they can stop fighting it. The world is round. At one time the church fought that too. I don't doubt that at the time they attempted to explain how god made it so, and that eased their collective minds as to why they thought otherwise. This is no different.
  20. Science isn't a religion. Stop trying to convince yourself that there is some type of agenda in academia to ruin your god. Intelligent design is not a scientific theory. It is a product of conservative thought, and I use thought loosely. Finally, the "proper" science doesn't point to god. The proper science looks at events and determines the how's and why's - irrespective of any theology - and if that is what you have been taught, then tell your science teacher to lecture from the desk and not the pulpit.
  21. I love labs. I have one myself. Congrats!
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