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  1. wonders who protects the flag on UT now that I have been gone for so long.

  2. I wondered where you have been. Hope you are doing well now!
  3. D'oh! I wondered why I didn't see the server listed yesterday.
  4. Well, I have been playing this game almost exclusively lately. I can help populate the server.
  5. duma


    I went to an IMAX too. I think it is the only way to see it. He did say it could be a trilogy. He would make the next one if the first was had any success. So, I think we can all expect a part two.
  6. duma


    I loved it. I didn't get bogged down by the lack of an original story line. I was amazed by the landscape and the design of people and machines. The story was overwhelmed by everything else. Oh, it is is actually Fern Gully mixed with Dances with Wolves with a hint of Star Wars.
  7. I'm working lawyer by day, lab by night. I have to keep reminding myself that I make good money and I am gaining experience too. Maybe someday this economy will improve and I an be a 9-5 person (hey, I can dream while still appreciating).
  8. Way.... well, I fragged him a good bit back in the day. RIP Way.
  9. duma

    Premium Target

    He played this past Saturday night (yesterday) on customs. I was going to play last night, but I couldn't get in the server. So, I went to bed.
  10. duma

    Been Busy

    TF2 as well! Where do you usually play? Random servers. "TheVille" servers are some of the only ones I bookmark for TF2. I don't think there is a TF2 server that GC people frequent though. that is where I hang out too. What is your in-game name? I use duma.gc (though no longer a gc member, I can't find the name to remove it).
  11. off to the Festival of Light at the Cincinnati Zoo. My son will love it.

  12. duma

    Been Busy

    TF2 as well! Where do you usually play? Oh, and other then TF2, I have been helping anonymo (Mo) find pink winter clothing. After his move, he decided he needs more warm gear. Oddly enough, he only wants to wear pink. I also find it strange that he keeps using a hot iron to put one of those rainbow stickers on all of his stuff. Eh?
  13. Sorry mohawk... it has taken me a while to get back here (just too busy). I've decided to keep playing Team Fortress for now... I still get a kick out of it, and I just don't have the time to devote to a new game. I do appreciate your generosity though, so thank you!
  14. I've been debating on getting that, but I never played the first COD very much. Is this comparable to that one?
  15. Martins Ferry? The one in Ohio near Steubenville? Funny thing, back in high school (real long time ago) my friends and I believed that "ferry chicks" were the best specimens around. Now - of course - today we know that isn't always the case, but every time I hear Martins Ferry, I think of that. What? Sorry. I am a distraction in this thread. Congrats on getting into the playoffs. Good luck!
  16. That's okay. With such a poor distribution of eye shadow, you never had a chance with me. Next!
  17. So... you never make it to FragFest because you keep getting arrested? I mean, leave the Taxi driver alone and you would be okay. BTW, I never pictured you with long hair.
  18. duma


    Could be worse... one of my friend's students come to school with a 103 fever. When the school nurse called the parents (mind you, just 15 minutes after the parent dropped the kid off), the mom was angry because she would now have two kids at home sick. Both kids have fevers, and she knew it, but she chose one to go to school because she didn't want two sick kids. Sheesh.
  19. Sorry Laz... but you can't teach that. It is a small world. I decided to swing by here to just to see who was still around. Thanks for the reminder samurai nightling... I remember all of you as well. I've been gone for a while, for sure. I stopped playing the night before my little man was born. Then, I had my last bit of law school finals to attend to, and next there was the bar. That left me falling off the deep end of gaming world. Now I am working two jobs - by day I am an attorney, and by night I continue to work at the lab. This too has taken away from the gaming. Perhaps one day I can return to yielding that p90 and making all of you take the brunt of my wrath. But yeah.... totally sticking by here again. I think I am even still a mod.
  20. Translation: If 2fort and ctf_well weren't in the rotation, I would make it my Favoritest server. Thanks LCD - I couldn't find my decoder ring and I had no idea what he was saying.
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