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  1. Hey guys, i wrote a short story, as a passtime. If you feel like it, give it a quick read. It's a little over two pages long. Don't forget to let me know what you think. Any criticism or appreciation is most welcomed. Here we go: After lying awake for several hours, the man finally got up from out of bed, ticking off the 9 AM buzzer on his dresser. He tiptoed his way to the bathroom, trying not to wake his sleeping wife. Brushing his teeth, he cringed because of how the taste of the toothpaste spread through his mouth. Four out of five dentists had agreed it tasted deplorable, but he could never remember to mention this to his wife, who did all their shopping. He took his clothes off, looked into the mirror to dislike what he saw, and went into the shower. The stream was violent, searing hot and exactly what he needed. While the water poured down his face he'd think of overly literary sentences to narrate his own life: "as the morning dew pearled down the window outside, so too the damp heat had settled in on its other surface. Two sides of the same coin. Hot and cold". Then he'd smile at how pretentious it sounded, as to remind himself never to attempt to become a writer. He was simply awful at it. His wife hadn't noticed he had left his pc on for the night, seeing as it still was powered on. The man was relieved. This meant he wouldn't have to wait for twenty minutes for the old girl to boot up. He checked the news site he was subscribed to and his e-mail. His condition had taken away most of his sight, so he had to crawl up to the screen to read even the biggest news stories. His e-mail inbox was full of questions and problems again, sent to him by his son. Some two years ago he decided to step down from the company he had raised from the ground up, and left it in the only moderately caring hands of his son. Francis had never given it the dedication the position needed, and the results showed. It's not that he didn't try, but the lackluster attention during his training period now caught up to him, and he was forced to ask his father question after question. Clearing the letter opener and opened letters from his keyboard, he answered some of the easier ones and closed his pc again by turning the top side down. Even though it made his old gal wheeze and puff, it's how they do it in the movies, and it brought a smile on his face when he emulated it. He'd regret it the next time he started her back up, but being retired had its advantages, not the least of which was time. Knowing the contents of his letter box would anger him, he tried to remain calm as he made his way downstairs to check for mail. As expected, another letter fell out from between a commercial magazine as he picked it up. As usual, it was sent to him by P.L. Simmons, 40 Green Park Way, Yellow Rock Minnesota, a twenty minute drive from where the man lived. It was not stamped, so it must have been left in his mail box by the sender personally. Feeling the frustration bubble up again, he reminded himself he had to stay calm and took the letter back inside, leaving the rest of the mail behind. He sighed deeply as he sat by the kitchen table, not remembering the trip from the mailbox to his chair. Getting flustered often meant getting blackouts, and it only worsened as his condition progressed. Two years the doctor had given him. He was now halfway past year four. As if to taunt him, the letter was typed in an overly large font. It would still make it easier to read, had its contents not made his hands tremble with frustration. He knew what the letter said, so didn't bother reading it all the way through. The man took his coat, got into his Mustang - a gift from Francis for his retirement - and drove to 40 Green Park Way, Yellow Rock Minnesota. It had been like this for the past six months . Every first saturday of the month, he'd receive a letter directed to him by P.L. Simmons, demanding a sit-down and threatening to sue. About 30 years ago, when the company was little more than a handful empoyees and a copy machine, The man had taken some shortcuts. Most of them were barely legal, the rest of them were definitely crimes for which he could be tried and convicted. Which could ruin his company if any of it ever saw the light of day. And which was found out by that little weasel Simmons, shortly after he had been hired by Francis. Even Francis, who was always a poor judge of character, had never really liked the guy. But Simmons was admittedly a brilliant bookkeep, and Francis needed all the help he could get. This brilliance however, also meant that it only took him a couple of months to find out about the shortcuts that were made in the companies' early days. Unfortunately, he only revealed this knowledge after he had been fired for grievous misconduct towards the female personel. And he hadn't revealed it to Francis either, who was still the rookie in everyone's eyes. He went straight to the retired chief by sending him a letter every first saturday of the month, inviting him over to negotiate and threaten for hours. If he didn't go, the next letter he'd receive would be a summons to court. Nearing noon, he drove up the long driveway to the house, got out of his car and made his way to the back door. He was expected after all, and didn't want to give Simmons the courtesy of ringing the doorbell. While pulling down the handle, he didn't notice the small bloodstain left on his left index finger. The house immediately felt threateningly quiet. On the floor, between the coffee table and the couch, Simmons lay motionless. Considering the dirty business Simmons pulled on a daily basis, the man couldn't bring himself to show any sign of surprise. After a short while contemplating, his disgust for the blood on the floor changed with a frightening realization. The realization that if Simmons was ever found like this, the man would be suspect number one. Not only that, but the hour-long, exhausting visits he had paid Simmons in his final months in this life would be reduced to nothing. He'd spend his last few days in jail as a murderer, reading the news about how his company was brought down and how his son was under investigation for fraud. So he made a decision. He drove his car alongside the house, thanking a god he didn't believe in for its secluded location. The body along with the carpet it was lying on were dragged to the back of his car, and with a great deal of effort, put into his trunk. He briefly wondered how it had only taken him a couple of moments to decide what he was going to do, before making his way back to the house to clean up the cooked blood which had set in on the floor, draining through the obviously cheap carpet. He went back to his car, thought about his next move for a bit before losing conciousness to shock and exhaustion. After waking up some six hours later, he spent three more hours reading several news articels that he normally wouldn't bother with on his cell phone and ultimately made his way to the Yellow Rock cemetery. He drove through the cemetery gates and stopped next to a grave which was still missing a tombstone, but had a shovel next to it, thrust in the ground by the groundskeeper most likely. A grave that would be occupied the next morning , but which would now receive an additional early guest. He shoveled out the dirt about one more meter, threw in body and carpet, and closed it up again to its original depth. He gave it a few hard kicks, to assure that nothing would be revealed under the weight of a casket being lowered into the grave a couple of hours later. He came home, sat into his lounge chair, and breathed a sigh of intense relief. Through this weird turn of events, his worries were suddenly over. For a brief moment he doubted whether he was the one who killed Simmons. The story about the events of the day he accounted for in his head, was showing some big blanks. Too sick and tired to care, he shrugged and tilted back his head on his chair. "Gone is gone", he contemplated. He closed his eyes, and never opened them again.
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/books/97/03/23/lifetimes/asi-v-fair.html
  3. 1990 - 2013 .. now that is what I call a fantasy series. Can't wait for this book to come out, so close I can taste it
  4. So a buddy of mine recommended a book called "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez. So far this book is amazing. It is none stop interesting from the start and highly recommend that anyone who's played an MMO or into anything related to IT security and hacking to read this book. It is simply great. http://www.amazon.com/Daemon-Daniel-Suarez/dp/0451228731
  5. just pounded this book out last weekend, its not very big but holy moly i loved it. Generally I've been a mostly fantasy reader and never strayed that far into sci-fi but after reading that I might just have to check out some more sci fi material. I loved the way the author kept true to the laws of space and time, it really made for an interesting plot. I almost wish I had more experience with physics and relativity and all that jazz as at some points I found myself having to re-read paragraphs trying to understand what in heck the guy was talking about.
  6. Might be a book that's targeted at girls... idk It's written 1st person narrative about this female bounty hunter. Has anyone read these books? I just picked up the first novel.
  7. I have never got around to reading more of his work after I finished Fight Club, but just 2 weeks ago I bought: Choke Invisible Monsters Survivor and Diary I have finished Choke and Survivor in my spare time so far and wow they were amazing! I really recommend picking up some of Chuck's work, you won't be disappointed.
  8. my friend recommended this series to me and i'm currently about 200 pages in the first book... wowzers so far its exceeded my expectations and then some. Jordan has done a really great job of providing riveting detail but not getting carried away with it like Tolkien did. At times during the LOTR series I got bored from all the excessive descriptions but so far Jordan has kept me on my edge since page one. I recommend this to anyone who loves the fantasy genre and is looking for something new to read.. the series is 12 books long tho and these aren't small books so if you do check it out be prepared to spend some time on it.
  9. I started the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz at the beginning of the semester and am now about to finish up the last novel, single handedly it is one of the best series of novels i've ever read and I recommend it to anybody who's looking for a new book to read at the moment
  10. This book is quite honestly the funniest thing I've ever read in my entire life. He already has a motion picture (NSFW) out across America. This book isn't for everyone, with graphic and disturbing stories on every page, but it's definitely the funniest thing I've read in a long long time. Tucker is a very skilled story teller. I recommend it 1000x over.
  11. Good book in a english/60's sort of way. About a libel court case between a Polish doctor and an author who wrote about the holocaust. Pretty dark in subject matter but very well written. Worth reading.
  12. Never saw the movie but just finished the book, I have to say a very excellent read, if a bit on the dramatic side. Highly recommend.
  13. ThruX

    New here

    Well I have been reading more and more, mostly to get tired and go to sleep. Just finished up the Dark Tower series from S. King. I thought it was excellent. The charecters developed well. I noticed the sticky about GC book club. Is this happening? If it is not, we should decide what to read. I just picked up Elegant Universe by B. Greene. Mind blowing statements and predictions here. Next on my list is almost all of Micho Kaku's books and a few of S. Hawking's. So if anyone would like to pick one of these up, we can discuss some of our findings. Or, If anyone has any good suggestions let me know.
  14. I found this site a few weeks ago. There are other sites out there like it (BookMooch.com is one I know of) but this is the one I use so I'm telling you about it. You sign up, you find a book you want. If you have a credit, you get that book. The person who has it sends it to you. When you receive it you mark it complete and they get your credit. The cycle continues. There are 2 ways to get credits: 1) Give books to other people. (this is the cheapest way) 2) Buy credits at $3.45 apiece. (easiest way) The purchasing of credits may seem like a lot, but considering most books new cost $10 or more it's a really good deal. If you have a large collection of books that you don't want to read anymore, this site is an amazing way to find books. I already found 2 lesser-known books that I have wanted to purchase for awhile and I got them for free through this site. Sign up folks!
  15. Sad news indeed. He was only 66, and so many more stories to tell. http://www.crichton-official.com/ My favorite was Sphere
  16. i'm only half way through this monster but i can say with confidence - single handedly one of the greatest books ever, it puts up competition with deathly hallows so i'm just excited to see how it ends .. i was never really a huge fan of stephen kings work, i mean he has good books but they just never really did it for me, i dont know if it was the combination of peter straub or not but this booked kicks little read apple but cheeks i recomend this book to anyone who enjoyed harry potter as it has many similarities (its not about wizards btw) but is a very different story if anybody else has read it what did u think?
  17. This book is a little bit different from any other book that I would read. It is written in the first person and the writer is a 17 year old girl. She moves to a town that she hates and she meets and falls in love with a Vampire. The story is pretty much a love story with some action and intrigue thrown in... until they end up being hunted. Despite the book being a love story kind of book, I really liked it. While not necessarily a Harry Potter caliber of book, it is close in that there is now apparently a movie being made about it. Really good book and there is no sex scenes in the book so a teenager could safely read this.
  18. Someone told me about this short story last week and I really liked it. It's scifi and it's not something that is going to explode your brain with the complicated character interactions, but it will give someone who has never read George R. R. Martin (or who likes him and hasn't read this story) a chance to be entertained. You can actually read the whole thing at wattpad.com.
  19. I read this book a couple of months ago. I will try and give a brief synopsis without giving a spoiler. The book is about a father and his son after what is apparently a nuclear war. The earth is now in a nuclear winter, there is no food, and everyone is trying to survive. It is the decision of the father not to eat his son that makes him different from just about everyone else. There is nothing supernatural about the book but it will scare the crap out of you. It is the kind of book that will make you think about it long after you've read it. Even now, almost two months later I remember everything about the book and I wonder how I would survive with my family if there were no more grocery stores.
  20. i just finished this book, for the first 1/3 i found it pretty boring but it picked up and turned out to be very good i thought for those who've read it what story do you believe? .. i'm goin with the tiger
  21. I'm currently trying my hand at writing a short detective satire. I've gotten 2 installments of it up on my Deviantart page and I'm looking for some feedback. Now I realize that it's probably sub par work but that's why I'm trying to get input because I know that I can't manage to become a better writer until I know what I'm doing right and wrong. So any sort of constructive comment is appreciated. Ring
  22. I just finished reading the entire Ender series of books by Orson Scott Card and I was blown away. If anyone here likes Sci-Fi books they are a must read. Plus you can get all of the books for almost nothing at www.half.com Just thought I would share
  23. Surprisingly good book. Download The E-Book! (Uploaded .pdf file myself, 2148 KB) PS: Don't try and be overly-manly and say "I don't need help meeting women," because any woman will say that we could use some work.
  24. finished 3rd book...did audio books on trips from OH to TN. found myself not wanting trip to end to finsh the book.
  25. im trying to read more of these but i need help finding some good ones. my small list: The Art of War Guns, Germs, and Steel A People's History of the United States
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