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  1. Ahh... reading this drama makes me really want to play again. Someone buy me a new PC.
  2. farmerisme


    Darn it, I saw this topic and thought about playing CSS again now that Vovik was leaving. Then I saw Mo is still active... and that Vovik wasn't serious. Oh well, save my head for better uses
  3. My uncle loves this series, I bought him one of them for xmas a few years ago I think. I have read alot of the older Koontz books, they were always good reads. How many books is the series? Is it the same type of horror/suspense stuff that he is known for?
  4. Never heard of it, I will check it out next time Im at the store.
  5. my forums are working again, dunno what changed

  6. Ahhh crud. What a terrible way to have been brought back to these forums. I remember some of the first times playing on GC, wayfarer really treated me like a regular. Never forgot how much fun it was to game with him. You really don't think about the person behind it all as much as you should. I know I will think of him. If anyone knows his family make sure to send our best to them (and let us know if there is going to be a collection for donation from GC, if so I would throw some $ at that).
  7. Sounds like a true, unbiased opinion.
  8. Congrats to your wifey! I can contest to the teacher situation in OH, my cousin has been looking for 3 years to find a teaching job there.
  9. All I care about is that the Vikings are better off with him than without him (in my opinion). He does not have to take the whole game on his shoulders (like he did in NY and with GB the last few years he was there). All he needs to do is be able to hand the ball off to AP a bunch and throw to single covered receivers 15-20 times a game. I think he can do that just fine. He gets in trouble when he tries to make too much happen. Not to mention he is throwing under a system he is very familiar with. I think he is much better the Vikes current crop of loser QB's even if he is old and not what he was. Even if he gets hurt or just can not play any more they still have the same options to replace him. Would I rather have a young star QB with 10 years of play left in him? Yes. Am I happy the Favre joined? Absolutely. Anyhow, I really like the Vikings chances this year, great offensive and defensive lines, the best RB in the league, a veteran QB to hit a group of pretty speedy WRs. Secondary is not great but is probably better than average. But it is silly to speculate now, that is why they play the games. But if they only win 8 games and miss the playoffs with Favre, I doubt they would make the playoffs without him.
  10. Some one should get a screen shot of it... think it is 2 away.
  11. Well I did, until I saw that embedded quote.
  12. it blows somethin alright. I like it
  13. Did it hit him or just make him jump away... looks like it went back to the fence.
  14. Played it on the ps3, bomberman was good for killing some time... multiplayer is a blast.
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