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  1. Guys, can you please un-ban a player named ENTROPY, I banned him mistakenly and I am sorry. PS: Also I am a n00b who doesnt know how to look up his steamID. Thank you, SHaW
  2. last year I went w/o sleep for 6 months and I was able to function 100% <freak> lol no seriusly all u need is just REM sleep, which could be achieved within 2 hrs of sleep a day....
  3. So far 15 hrs w/o any resets or errors...I say it was the memory Thanks again u all! <hugs>
  4. Hmmm its not Athlon XP Zero, its Duron...it is running at 1.2 Ghz currently which is default I guess. Today I went to the store and exchanged two RAMs for one 512Mb and so far no resets or freezes (keeps his fingers crossed) So I guess in the end it was compatibility issue between the two...however memtest86 showed no errors <hmm> Anyway I call it a day, thank all of u guyz, this place just wouldnt be the same with out all of ur support and ideas! thank you fellas!
  5. Thx for all ur help fellas! I ran the ramtest but after 40 mins of testing and passing 2 tests nothing came up. So I gues PC2700 and PC3200 are compatible... Cujo, care to expand on it? u sure 2200 doesn't run on 1.1Ghz cuz thats what it says right now it runs at 1.1...I left it to run during the night and it did reset again...Also I checked all the drivers...they all fine system has no errors.
  6. thx avengence, just googled it and this prog came up. But thanks anyway testing it right now
  7. DId that already ZD, both of them work fine ....although the whole thing is inconsistent...I mean for the past 2 hrs both of them are in there and nothing happend yet Another question, is there any kind of software out there that could test it and gimme a definate answer???
  8. Ok here is a deal, I have my friend's PC and I can't figure out whats wrong with it. It resets and crashes with blue screen message that says something about physical memory being dumped, or windows shut down to prevent damage to the hardware....and thats after a clean format The motherboard and CPU are brand new, also new powersupply and new harddrive. Its AMD 2200 (1.1GHz) 512 RAM. My bet would be the problem is in RAM, see one memory card is PC2700 while the other one is PC3200 could that be it??? Help me plz Im all out of ideas. Thanks
  9. I dont think this is Apache Kenger, also there is no 50mm gun that can shoot automatic. The tracers come from gutling machine gun, mounted on littlebird or blackhawk. So do the rockets. Never the less cool video. Thx for posting Here is a real gunship hitting targets...Cobra baby! They don't show em because they don't exist. If the laser is pointed in right spot the missile WILL hit it, if for some reason the laser becomes obscured (smoke or spotter is blocked) the missile goes upwards and self destructs.
  10. Oooooo in de_FAC3!!! PS: Just do unbind_all maggie
  11. hey Irish, welcome to the forums I guess this is the only way I could've dragged u in here Yes, I did ban ur account for avoiding the filter. I was actually suprised it coming from u but as u said it wasnt u. I will unban u right now, come join us.
  12. Count me in, Im all for GC invasion
  13. I'd play 1.6 if u we have the crew ...kinda getting tired of Source actually ...wanna go vintage
  14. Thx guyz! well at least Im the youngest of three
  15. #1 is my home, I didnt know Shodan has left it. I could take up a role of lead admin on it if needs be, I have faith in #1 plz don't kill it
  16. Well I happend to pop in today so consider urself blessed
  17. I did as a matter of fact...I dunno whats wrong. Hold on tight, have to wait till one of the lead admins get to it.
  18. Welcome to the forums SMS, ban lifted unless some1 got anything esle to say. PS: Happy new year
  19. Hi Krazyrunner, welcome to the forums. Good post, I lifted the ban unless Lazerus has any objections. Frag away! PS: Merry X-mas
  20. BIGSHaW

    Steam is fat

    are u guyz over compensating for something?
  21. ahh...the Mmmm....<tear in the eye>
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