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  1. why am i banned for a month for griefing? what did i even do?
  2. in the ban notes architect says i spammed propane tanks at the end again and left before anyone could say anything to me. first of all, i only through a few so i could stagger any last minute rocketting si, not enough to kill the team if it glitched again. second, i left because i was done playing. i didnt feel like waiting until the next round started to leave, not so no one could say anything. why am i banned for this? i wasnt "spamming" i only through a few. if theres that much of an issue to buying propane tanks to the point where you get a week ban for buying like 3 then tank them off the menu. although they are incredibly useful in many situations, you admins see it as me intentionally griefing when i buy them. also to be noted: if i was griefing, i would've spent all my points on them, i have 60+pts left after i bought the first few, but i knew i wasnt supposed to "spam" propane tanks anymore so i didnt.
  3. please unban OAO ★ ★ ▐ Dust2 Only ® [Premium] STEAM_1: 0: 649101050
  4. please unban OAO ★ ★ ▐ Dust2 Only ® [Premium] STEAM_1: 0: 649101050
  5. I really like playing with you guys you all have a unique personality and honestly I do miss it. Ive been playing KillingFloor 2 but have only made like 2-3 friends. Can I come back and I promise I will only play when I am dedicated and have the time. I do not like playing on the other servers, I am so used to at GCFTW it just makes no sense. Also I will change my handle to GIJoe(GCFTW) or gamrs.co . I have been suffering and going through a lot of financial trouble, my roommate has had two heart attacks so I have had to take care of the house myself but hes back. I think I can also renew my membership. The reason why I said I would cancel my membership is because the day I bought a new one I was banned in 2 hours, the same exact day, when I was just trying to get an open slot, so I think it was a lot of misunderstanding. Anyway I miss you guys and no matter what choice you make I can respect that, but I would really like to come back. Thank you Joe I am lost without you !!
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/quinther/ 1. Give us as much information as possible. Hi, I'm Quinther. I like to enjoy lfd2 sometimes. Sometimes I fool around a do stupid crap when I get bored, and that is of course, why I am here. Here is my Steam id: STEAM_0:0:63415262 My ban is permanent 2. State precisely what happened. It happen some time last year. I was just overly bored and decided I didn't really care about some lfd server, which was a bad decision. If I had to guess what had happen, I probably went around saying the "N-word" and got banned for it once. I probably went back, did it again, and got perma banned after whatever admin decided I was nothing but a nuisance, which I'd agree with. Now that I reflect, I was probably just too comfortable with the word rather than messing with people. I probably didn't cause much trouble rather than saying the word. 3. Take responsibility for your own actions. Well, I am fairly lucky that your server has a good website and forgives bans here and there. I've been banned on some Russian server for what I remember to be a petty reason, and couldn't appeal. I should have been considerate of my actions, and not messed with such a successful server, and the many people on it at the time. I am sorry for the inconvenience I have caused amongst your nice community, and I wish not to instigate any longer. 4. Apologize. My bad. I am sorry. I shouldn't have done that. 5. Flatter us. You have a friendly community and successful server systems that have been running ever since I bought the game. These servers have brought me lots of joy as it has to many other people. Everybody who dedicated anything to the server should be proud, especially a good owner, or co-owner. 6. Assure us that your behaviour will change for the better. I don't intend to mess around or throw around slurs such as the one previously mentioned before anymore. I won't cause any trouble, I just want to make friends and have a bit of fun.
  7. I'm sorry I think the purpose of my ban was dying? Because at the Sewers I kept going up the ladder when I didn't know the door was already opened. Right after I got incapacitated like 3 consecutive times the server bans me? Any way I can be lifted from this ban from dying? My Steam username is AsianRiceStuff btw
  8. Hi, i was banend for the 10v10 left 4 dead 2 server this October 05 and i dont know with please read this
  9. Well, I messed up and jumped down an elevator shaft when I thought the vote to skip would pass....I'm sorry about that and wasn't trying to grief. Just thought we were going to skip vote. First issue in 2 1/2 years on the server and I'm sorry about that. Won't happen again. I am requesting an unban if you would please.
  10. Why were you punished? Because I wasn't supposed to be saying racist stuffbut I did it in gamerco's server in L4D2. Why should we revoke your punishment? Please provide as much detail as possible. I have been warned a lot of times not to swear but due to my navie, childish behaviour, I still ignore the rules. After being scolded by my elder brother (my elder brother own this account) and strangers on mineplex, I truly regret whatever childish things I have done on this server that infuriated and saddened my brother. I felt guilty ever since the permanent ban from mineplex as my elder brother couldn't play on mineplex despite it wasnt his fault but mine. My brother wouldn't talk to me and even pinch me for no whatever reason. Probably because he was really angry. I am truly sorry and I really promise I would hack again. I will abide with mineplex rules and promise to be a fair player in mineplex. Sorry Yours sincerely James
  11. Hello to everybody & g´night to everyone: 3 days ago. Apparently I will been banned for glitching, in the underground, dark carni map 3. I apologize to not be aware that this method of attack without being attacked or as explained Maestro (exploit) can not be used online and less on GC servers, And I also apologize for my offensive comment rofl as a result of being banned for a new spot, I make the great promise that I'll never use this method to incapacitate survivors as infected, thanks for your attention. I wait for a reply of a board member to discuss my case unban, or not. Good Night.
  12. I just want to say that I am really disappointed in the action that took place 2 nights ago in the server, I admit I did spam the vocals about 4 times because I was responding to the conversations of the characters, then I was kicked from the game, I was warned not to spam and I got kicked, understandable, I came back and 5 minutes into the match I said 1 line and did not continue to use the same vocal the second time I stopped completely and the admin told me to stop spamming. lol, to me this is an act of abuse, you seriously can't sit and tell me otherwise and everytime I bring up this fact they tell me to stop arguing with the admin, and without warning I got banned. So what else can I do? everytime I bring up the situation it is considered arguing, and when you argue you get banned, another admin told me that admin knows what he was doing and I replied and said sure. At this point it is extremely hard to play on these servers due to misunderstandings. What can I do at this point? if you don't want to help me thats fine.
  13. Hello 707killa here I am grateful for this awesome server being here and am glad we have a great community here. I was kicked from the L4d2 server today and i would like to share my experience to help out future situations. I questioned if a player on the other team was supervillan with voicechat. He responded with yes in the chat. I then stated "it is kind of cheap that admins can hear us talking" LRwarrior proceeds to say that "the admins are CHEATING". Supervillan then disrespectfully tells us that "everything we would say is obvious and we should STOP CRYING" then i hear maestro for a split second talking about accusing admins of cheating is serious. before i was kicked without warning. I never accused any admins of cheating, this is a rule that is not clear to everyone, i hope admins will make this more clear before they disrespect you and kick you. I show respect to all admins, i hope the same in return. PEACE. 4k http://instagram.com/707killa 1k http://youtube.com/killabho
  14. Hi there Admins, i just started up left for dead 2 (haven't played for quite some time). And to my surprise i was banned from my favorite server, I don't know why since it was ages ago that i played. But i can imagine it had something to do with language, i got quite the sailors mouth sometimes; which is not all that charming. i graciously and humbly ask that you great ones lift my ban and allow me to play with you once more, and i pledge to do my uttermost to avoid speaking like a, like a... dang it's hard to describe it without cursing. but i assume that you get the point that I am trying to make. My sincerest apologies for any misstep that i have made in the past, my steam ID is (if I've done it correctly) STEAM_0:1:23783968 At the time i think i went under the name Cletus Tuckson, or "The baby jesus"
  15. Please help me out with this ban. The last I remember was uneventful and I don't recall seeing any warnings or really having any indication I was banned until I tried logging in today to either server. My handle is Chibe, STEAM_1:0:30199008 A reason would be a good start and I may be able to explain the issue. For example, I had a short ban, like 24 hours, for rushing where I was not actually rushing, but talking about it in voice and ultimately the round did fall apart, but it was a borderline offense. Thanks, Chibe aka Dan
  16. I was banned from L4d2 servers for a week due to johnny. At first I was kicked for "rushing." What really happened was me and another player were up ahead, but the team kept getting pulled back. After I realized he was heading back, I started to go, but I was kicked. I later rejoined my team, and had to keep rejoining due to afk (only as infected) i was still helping the team. I was not stacking in any way despite what the admin said, I just wanted to be fair and be placed on the same team. I request my ban to be appealed as I spend lots of hours on these servers and find it very fun.
  17. Hey all! I was on an awesome l4d2 server which I enjoyed. *Keep in mind I havent played in a while I started playing again like yesterday" Then I was yelled at by an admin , A LOT! "GET BACK TO YOUR TEAM BEFORE I BAN YOU!" "YOU WILL BE BOOTED" Those were things he would say. I tried getting back but I was banned..... Is there anyway to lift the ban or something I really like the server!
  18. please ban this player Lights he was being inappropriate he was making loud noises using vulgar language and he was putting loud annoying random stuff on his mic. this is his steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006569481 (private) and here is a video (may want to turn down the volume a little bit) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwQ_KzKTSdc 
  19. Please help, I've been banned from your CSGO server. I threw a grenade and hit friendlies. I must have TK'd one of them but I didn't notice before I was kicked and banned. This mistake most likely happened because I was getting about 80% choke and very high packet loss at the time. My ping was hitting about 300. There were about 2 or 3 other people in my house using the internet, so I shouldn't have been playing under those conditions in the first place. I was banned on June 1st @ 7pm on the map entitled Inferno. I apologize for the mistake. I'm often a team leader, not someone who attacks teammates. This was entirely a mistake. If you're able to check, I was likely leading the team in kills when I was kicked/banned so you know I'm not one of the those people who TK's others. Can you please allow me back? Your server has sweet ping!. My steam name is Sgt. Taylor I believe my ID is STEAM_1:0:62187652 Thanks so much for your time.
  20. Server#2 at night is pretty awful. Here a half of a team can rush and not really a thing can be done aside from running to an admin for multiple bans. Why aren't there any admins on at that time? I see alot of admin friends online, not in game, not busy or the like who could supervise if they wanted to. Taking into account they don't want to play at the time, it just feels like a bother to ask an admin to stop what they are doing, get in the game and then kick and ban multiple people.
  21. Disconnect: STEAM UserID STEAM_1:1:684*** is not allowed to join this server. no reason given i know ive cussed in the past on accident, i didnt say anything tonight and after ~3 rounds i got disconnected this is like the only competetive/casual server/group in my area i pop in when i can cause deathmatch and surf are lame and ping matters
  22. Hello. I have no idea why i am banned from the gc minecraft server. I played on it once and talked with someone. I told him im gonna tell my friend to get on the server, when he logged on i had to leave. When i tried to join back later it says Banned. Reason? Banned by a operator. I do not know what happened. If i did anything wrong, or my friend did i apologize for his actions. But if you un-ban me i would really appreciate it. My teacher recently (Don Lathem) (AKA Fatty) told us about his server that it was being whitelisted, i logged on today and realized it was the same server he told me about before. If i did anything wrong or as my friend i aplogize for whatever he did. Also, does gamercoalation know why i was banned? The reason just says banned by an operator. So if you guys would unban i promise no-one else will be invited to play with me on the server. I was playing on the GC minecraft server: My username : ScyleX11 , capital s and x. If you guys could explain why i was banned or what my friend did, i could have a chat with him. I really like this server the 2 minutes i was able to play on it. Thanks - Scyle
  23. Hai~ Fading Star here (Steam ID: # 142 1 "Fading Star" STEAM_1:1:61428869 00:20 33 0 active 20000 and I was banned around 5-6 PM EAST (4-5 Central) As the map changed, I went afk for a few seconds and came back thinking was L4D (Sounds fake even with the fact you have to !Ready to play) I got a shotgun and ran for the shortcut (No Mercy first mission) And I died, suddenly I remembered this was NOT allowed and I was breaking some rules, [R Mentos (Or something) asked who died and I admitted it was me, I take full responsibility for this action. I'm not saying I didn't deserve to be not banned, because I DID break a rule which was rush/griefing. [R] Mentos Did a good job banning me instead of letting it slide, I'm not mad at him anyways =P Main point is: Your staff member are great. Anyways, this is my first offence and I don't generaly break the rules on ANY server. But now I hope I don't get banned for a second time on any server by breaking a rule. I am sorry for what I did and I hope I can play in this marvelous server again because I really enjoy this server. Once again I'm sorry for what I did and I wont do this mistake again.
  24. genetic: Hey man, I don't know if you remember me but I asked you to unban me from GCFTW's server about a month ago because i got mistakenly banned. You unbanned me and I was able to log back in and play, I havn't tried to play since that night until just a second ago and it is saying I am banned still. Could you please fix this? I have not played on that server since the night it happened and had thought the problem fixed. Thanks Tony 1_0_258623 Unbanning again. Just FYI Thanks SirTony
  25. I know I was banned, and I feel I deserved it, but I wanted to know how long the ban shall be. I was banned for, as I put it, being a moron. I saw someone dead outside the safehouse, and without thinking, opened the door and went to go defib them. A tank ended up getting in the safehouse. Later on, I saw someone being attacked by a hunter outside the safehouse, and tried to save them. Yet again, another tank gets in, and everyone including me gets incapacitated. As said before, I would like to know how long this ban is/ when will it expire? PS: I was votekicked, but I waited a few minutes to rejoin and it said I was banned.
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