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Linch, the time you spend running around everywhere im sitting in a camp leveling non-stop to complete the toon. Goal being pvp ready and no more leveling ever. You can say quests give more exp, but you waste soo much time running around i dont think it comes even close. i should mention i was a mage for my beta time, and i did herbalism/alchemy right away so i had minor heal potions = almost non stop casting....


Batman, well see how important that is, and how easily things are traded... everyone will have stuff, sure there might be a few unique things but really. Buying/selling is rampant already as you would hope it to be :)


i even found a camp that i could farm cloth in, and it sold for a pretty penny after a few hours.

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lol, I couldn't play like that All Kill3r. I like the quests too, I HAVE to roam around, see the world. MMORPGs have huge worlds, the fun for me is to try to cover every inch of it. I can't stay camped in one place for more than an hour or two. Not more than 20 minutes if I'm soloing.

IF I decide to pick up WoW instead of EQII, I'll be going Horde. In case you're wondering.

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I think AK is probably doing it the best way for PvP servers. That way he gets the levels and the power and cannot be whacked easily. In the other servers I think the better way to go is the quests, you get better groups and explore new areas without danger of some high-level stabbing you in the back for your spot just because they can...


I like the quests myself. I was in the high 20's when I stopped in the Beta. I prefer to solo myself and I only had to get one group to finish one of the harder quests, all the rest of it I did solo.


On another note - I did pre-order EQII and the graphics are unreal. I actually think I am looking forward to that more then WoW.

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