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  1. I miss WoW... so cool to read all this from you guys who just started. "couple more levels and we can do BFD!!!" ...man, I miss that excitement. We had a bunch of GC playing WoW two years ago when if first came out. Several of us were in the best damn guild on any server anywhere. Horde side on Argent Dawn. Pics of their progress raiding on www.botb.org.
  2. Hi Bullet, just happened to drop by myself, today. Wish I could play CS:S. I've got a Mac now, and there's no CS for the Mac. I could play UT2k4 though!!!... if I wasn't stealing wireless from the neighbors. Connection's to slow. Anyway, "Hi all!!"
  3. Crowbar

    It's a boy

    lol, both were planned in that she wanted a baby and I wanted sex.
  4. Crowbar

    It's a boy

    Got home today after a long weekend in the hospital. My wife just popped out our second child, and first boy. He's a beauty, eh. Got red hair like his big sister (and like dad used to have), mom's nose, and dad's big hands and feet. My girl's a year and a half old, so things are going to be a little crazy around here for awhile. It's all worth it though, kids are hella fun.
  5. Since I gave up World of Warcraft, I'm playing a lot of the WCIII:FT map DotA Allstars. I know it was big around here awhile back, anyone still play it from time to time?
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    do it. sell your soul. we all know you want to.
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    yeah, definatly would like to learn on a smaller bike. I believe my brother-in-law still has an old honda, really small, just a farm bike. If he does, I'll go out and ride that for awhile to get used to the feel of a bike. I've only ridden a couple times on small bikes here and there. I'll probably take the MSF class sometime and certainly will wear a helmet, at least till I'm plenty confident on a bigger bike. I'm glad to hear the V-Star is a good bike. Harly Fatboys are probably my favorite, but I don't have the $25k to spend on one. A mid-size V-Star is only about $10k new, and I'll most likely look for a used one.
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    I want to buy a motorcycle possibly next year, so I'm looking for some insights into different kinds of motors, styles, extras and what-have-you. I don't really know anything about bikes except the difference between a croch-rocket and a cruiser. I know I want a cruiser, something with wide handlebars, but not to high. I looked at the Yamaha V-Star bikes and they're pretty nice. Anyway, just want to hear what some of you have to say about bikes you have or bikes you like.
  9. This movie is AWSOME! Not only is the filming amazing, I have not laughed so hard in quite awhile. It's a sizable download (over 100mb) but it's well worth it!
  10. If you haven't watched these video's, take a look! They're both short downloads, and they're hilarious. First is a guy who played a lvl 60 pally and then switched to a shaman, and the second is a female human mage that switched to an undead mage. If you're having trouble opening them, try this program (you should have it anyway, it plays EVERYTHING): VLC media player Pally to shaman switcher: Deity Human to undead mage: Having played a female human mage to 58, I feel her pain
  11. you want easy pvp kills, rogue is your gig. but the reality is any class can own at pvp if you know how to use them. except paladins... cuz they suck at everything.
  12. Elder Scrolls History These games have an incredibly rich backstory and history. They all fit together excellently. I loved TES:III Morrowind, and have just started playing TES:IV Oblivion. Arena was the first game, then Daggerfall and it's expansion. After that came Redguard, which was not part of the Elder Scrolls series, per sei. It was billed as an Elder Scrolls Adventure game, and is not one of the numbered titles, however it takes place in the world of Tamriel, and is therefore part of the history of the game world. Morrowind was the third game, the first to limit itself to just one of the seven provinces of Tamriel. And Oblivion is the fourth and latest game, also limited to just one province (the capitol province of Cyrodil). And for those who want to know what it's like: First or third-person hack & slash RPG. All your basic RPG classes and then some, rich story, HUGE world with a seemingly unending amount of quests. An epic main quest that you can play straight through, or play the game for months and never even touch.
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    Played it for almost a year. Finally got free. Such a great game... so much fun... such a waste of time.
  14. So what area is your favorite? Base it not on the mobs there, but on atmosphere, looks and fun you had in the zone. Also, what area is your least favorite? And what city/town is your favorite? My favorite was Stranglethorn Vale up until I discovered the Shimmering Flats. SF is everything I love in a zone, short corpse run, easy to get to quests, and a humorous element as well. That racetrack is awsome, and to top it off they put in "Daisy" complete with short shorts. Least favorite zone is any of the Dwarf zones. Too many mountains, things seem too spread out. Favorite city is definatly Booty Bay.
  15. yeah, Tribal is very sexy, BUT, Brotherhood of the Blade has a Tribal leatherworker already. We also have a dragonscale leatherworker. We do NOT have an elemental leatherworker...and I'm feeling a wee bit of nudging from several guild memebers, specifically a lvl 60 rogue who's yearning for a pair of stormshroud pants. So I may do Elemental, but for right now I'm working toward Dragonscale, simply because I'm a shaman geared fully toward melee combat, and dragonscale is not only mail, but the attack power combined with my rockbiter weapon enhancement will be giving me huge damage and awsome criticals. besides that, I've already got the pattern for the Black Dragonscale Brestplate. nice to have lots of lvl 60's in your guild
  16. been playing for a few months, it occasionally gets old, but then I just start a new toon. My first serious character was an orc shaman on Argent Dawn, got bored around lvl 23, so I played around with some alliance toons on Terenas. Found I liked the gnome mage, so I played that up to level 33. Problem with the alliance side is that it's full of idiots, noobs, and perverts. Thank Blizzard all the hotties are on the alliance side. Goin back to my shaman on Argent Dawn was great, and I've got him up to 32 now. If anyone's bored, hop onto Argent Dawn and hook up with us in the Brotherhood of the Blade. Having that guild, with the more mature players on a RP server on Horde side, makes the game MUCH more enjoyable. I miss my artisan tailor mage, but I'll have artisan leatherworking soon enough and start into either elemental or dragonscale stuff. And the BotB is an awsome guild, soon as the Battlegrounds hit, we'll be owning just like a good CS guild.
  17. hmm, sounds good, I may check it out. A good friend of mine played through the first Gothic, and loved it.
  18. I was accepted into the beta at a very early stage, but it REQUIRES a sound card to play, and since I use onboard sound, I could never get past the main menu.
  19. I'll have to check that out. I've tried in the past to get these nubs to try out Enemy Territory, but to no avail. I heard there were several mods in the works for ET, glad to see one released. While I'm at it, I think I'll jump into ET again. Just after I pull myself away from WoW for a few minutes.
  20. Played the beta, it looked decent enough at the time. World of Warcraft blows it away though.
  21. no idea, it's french
  22. Typical day on safari
  23. someone our our guild on Argent Dawn found a glitch where the Windrider would not take off. Once he pressed the up arrow, he could fly it himself. Are you sure this is a new mount, or just a player using that glitch?
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