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Zombie Mod night?

Who wants a zombie-mod night?  

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The Zombie Mod I played had the zombies get knocked back when hit and the only weapons available were Shotties, SMGs, and Pistols. The zombies also had night vision :)


weapon restrictions are really different compared to what server you are on. My fav. ZM server allows all weapons but Flash. It is a 28 person server and it works perfectly.

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Maverick' date='Jan 8 2007, 03:49 PM' post='385095']



If you know of places to get zombie mod that would be applicable to our servers, let me know, ok?

Not sure where to get them myself. I can look though.


okay, NOT sure if this will work, but download this one here:




That should be the right one.


When you get the mod installed, make sure that the "zombie_dark" command is set at 0. I'm pretty sure people'll complain about the amount of darkness the level is swamped in if the command is at "1".


By the way, you may or may not need the update they released for it:




Here are some maps you guys can use for Zombie Night:



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there's several versions of the zombie mod; there's one where all humans spawn on CT and one person gets randomly picked to be the zombie on T and the maps for it are generally for the CT to hide inside buildings, shoot boxes/barrels/obstacles into the doorway until they block it and ... camp


please dont upload that version

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