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  1. I definitely plan to be there 3 previous attendances
  2. Lol, why thank you... XKCD did a comic for us Christmas Birthdays this year so I'm getting like 2x the usual recognition. Woohoo!!!!!
  3. Thief_Lord


    I know we have a movie forum, but I saw Avatar last night and couldn't believe how visually stunning, and absolutely mind blowing it was at times. I actually saw it in 3D (which was a new experience), and it was 100% worth the extra money. I definitely plan on going and seeing it again in 3D, since I'll never be able to really experience it like it was at the theater. This was in my opinion the best movie of 2009, and one of my favorites of all time. Has anyone else seen it, and what were your thoughts on it?
  4. I am absolutely pumped about this game, though I plan on getting it for the 360 instead of PC. It doesn't help that I'm having some trouble with my PC right now either. Oh well, either way I think its going to be amazing
  5. I really wanted to make a Transformers Costume this year, but I don't think I'll have enough time. Hopefully I can finish my TF2 Red Spy outfit, I just need red dress pants and a red ski mask
  6. That's quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen all weekend.
  7. Wow, big Gratz! What grade and subject does she teach???
  8. wonders what Fallout Expansion I should get next (already got broken steel)

  9. You can already count me in on this one, I love anything Zombie related at all; so this sounds pretty fun!
  10. I should be paying for my ticket tonight... but I would totally love to get a game of L4D going, even if there are only 4 people I think a campaign would be great! Also, I Love me some Team Fortress 2... though a lot of people didn't like me wielding my new Pyro weapons last year since it was right after the update came out and many didn't have them yet Oh, and since its pretty cheap a Bunch of people should buy Flat Out 2, Demolition Derby was HUGE fun last year
  11. Batman Peanut butter- Crunchy or Smooth?
  12. I read this last Fall, I absolutely loved Inman's story the whole way through, though I was bored with Ada in the beginning by the time Stoughbrod (or whatever his name was) came around I was drawn into the whole thing. This book was a great read, full of extremely vivid descriptions, and interesting side-stories
  13. I just want to say.... Ebil Hacks. I had her down to almost nothing in 2 hits then she dodged EVERYTHING!!!!
  14. Nice try Anonymo, my weapon is just way too powerful
  15. http://zaganostia.mybrute.com Just made mine, i would have been a pupil but i didn't know how, i have an AWESOME weapon though!!!!
  16. Yup, I've gotten that all day
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