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  1. Thats a great idea... I'll try and do that today. I got a 20$ gift certificate for there, so that'll be a pretty good gift for myself.
  2. This was another nice addition to all the Alien and Predator movies. If you liked the first one, this one pretty much has the same type of action, so there is no reason not to like it. And the end is... fairly shocking. All I'm gunna say for the people who don't understand the ending is, read the books. 4/5 Aliens popping out of your stomach.
  3. Chimmpp

    I gots in

    Nope, Rochester University... were gunna party everyday... and rock and roll all night!
  4. Chimmpp

    I gots in

    Nice job dude, I still gotta send my app in there... looks like it'll be party at RIT for us. Bout 8 peeps are going to RIT and a couple to RU.
  5. Christmas is coming up, and I wanted to know what people have heard about Rock Band, or if I should just be safe and get GH3 (cause I have played it before, and know its pros/cons).
  6. Chimmpp

    Halo 3

    WOO!!! This game is awesome... I was up till 3 in the morning playing campaign and doing the forge! I would skip school (i skipped it yesterday with some valid reasons) but I have a math test
  7. Chimmpp

    Halo 3

    Anyone else lining up for it at 12? I sure am!
  8. ... I just saw a preview for Dragon Wars, dont tell me that this is that please. <---- completely forgets the title of this thread... 1-18-08
  9. I would sell you mine... but I would need more than 10 bucks, so I could go buy myself another one
  10. I think there are people you can... "hire," to help you with your situation.
  11. Car stickers that have GC and FF(O?) on them!
  12. Hahaha thats awesome... now I can act like I read the book, with out ever needing to buy it
  13. Do we already know the date? And its going to be even later than this year?!?
  14. Yeah... I dont think he even ate 5 bucks worth of pizza, and I dont even wanna talk about the KFC. Thanks for not making us go very far for food Duke!
  15. Haha, was bout to say... you forget Allanon and I, and its ooover between us...
  16. You would have been killed by a flying donkey... those things came out of nowhere sometimes. Shadow, Im pretty sure E-werd was the 6th on team 4, either that or he was bragging about nothing in the "was fun" thread.
  17. You left before the pics! Dingy was holding your money to give it to you in the morning I think. 3-4
  18. You need a radar detector still? I'll call him to tell him to call you, cause he is at a computer camp, and I dont know if he will read the forums.
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