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4/5 hyjal 4/9 Black Temple


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Wow, you guys are really rocking Shep!! By the time you complete BT Blizz will be releasing the sunwell plateau

in 2.4 Good job!! My dps gear

I usually log out in my dps gear so i can't link my prot gear, but we're doing pretty good. No where near mount Hyjal

or Black Temple though. Most of my dps gear came from grinding AV for PvP gear. Too bad we're not in the same

battlegroup, there's no chance of bumping into each other. :( AoC got delayed to the end of May, so I decided to

give LOTRO another shot. I've been really enjoying it this time. With the new GPU & CPU I have the graphics maxed

and this game is incredibly beautiful. The main storyline is absoloutely awsome with multiple 1 man instances at low

level so it's not tedious to level. First instance is at level 20 and I'm at 15 right now, so I'm a little eager to get to 20.

From what I can see the endgame is incredibly team oriented with a system that has people doing co-odinated attacks

in order to kill bosses. I've been jumping between LOTRO and WoW quite a bit, trying to get a resto shammy to 70 as well,

he's 67 right now, but I've been leaning slightly to LOTRO lately.

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ZOMG You guys still play WoW!!!

I thought so many times of hopping on Baelgun and rolling a toon.


I've been playing on an RP server Sisters Of Elune. (So relaxing..but the AH suxors)


70 BM Hunter "Brennor" (semi retired)

70 Resto Shammy "Brennda" (raid aoe healer, has anyone seen our misplaced drood!?)

44 Furry Warrior "Brennie" (prot when 70)

22 Shad Priest "Brennoth" (AH toon)


The hunter has the "healers curse" where only healing/spell damage gear drops no matter the instance or raid. Raided kara for two months straight and never saw a ranged weapon drop (pre badges too so no BoJ loots for me). I was soely responsible for gearing 3 healer to the hilt...much to my frustration. We also had too many dps wanting in the raids so I took a break and rolled the Shammy.


She hit 35 right when 2.2 dropped (at least I think it was 2.2...faster lvling, extra content in Dustswallow Marsh etc). Blasted her to 70 as enhancement then respec'ed to resto. Sitting at 1517 bonus healing, 137 mp5 while casting unbuffed. I <3 extreeme wack-a-mole. Earth Shield ftw.


Our guild (The Shadow Council) couldnt do 25 mans until Oct/Nov timeframe due to a lack of competant 70's. Then we got an 2nd guild influx from another server and our guilds merged. We hit the ground running and are working on SSC at the moment.


Dont have the resist gear yet for hydross so we bounce back and forth between Lurker and Loot Reaver. We're waiting for the nerf bat that is 2.4 to hit Mag's before we farm him.



Shep, Ebil...

what are your raiding schedules like? (looks like you're in diff guilds)

You guys recruiting any positions?

You guys still run kara for badges/gearing of newbs?


btw, our MT would me jealous as he has 18754 hp raid buffed.



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We should be pulling Illidan this week. Working on council now. Ebil and I are in the same guild. Raid schedule is Sun-Thur 5-9 pst. we need a hunter, and could always use shaman. 5 of 5 hyjal and 7 of 9 Black Temple.. WOOT

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Gratz on 7/9!!!



5-9 PM pacific....let see


Central + 2 hours

<takes off shoes and counts toes>

...carry the 1....hmm


7-11 PM Central


Thats not too bad. The Sunday to Thursday part is the tough.

My wife would kill me. I get aggro pretty bad from the 3 nights a week I do now. On top of that, I'll be a daddy in 14 days so I def couldn't handle five nights straight of z raidz.


Judging by your rate of progression, you guys seem like the more "hardcore" guilds (just assumption here).

Do you guys mandate that if you want to raid then you must raid the five days or you go on the standby list only?

Again, do you have lowbies comming up through the lower raidz?

Is there apps that must be filled out and interviews to be hads?


If I did anything I would xfer my Hunter over and leave the shammy on SoE (they'd be hard pressed to continue the 25 man stuff). Due to the curse he's only geared with s2 items and crafted blues (330 dps unbuffed and not including pet) so there would be some gearing up that would need to happen.

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