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I thought it would be cool to start a thread where people could post up their screenshots... so to get started I'll post some up.



Here's me and my guild doing some GvG




And me using a special skill to feign death after I went down to 1 hp with the Bonus Mission Pack




And me doing a rare PvE run through a Eye of the North Dungeon




And me and my guild doing some HA (Heroes Ascent)




Finally winning the Hall of Heroes




Rawr... stick figures charging into some combat





All I can find for now... hopefully you guys have some classic moments to show :D

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How do you insert images? It looks like you don't upload them here, but you use free image hosting on another site and link it?


Cool screenshots though, Allanon.

Yep, free hosting is the way to go.


Btw, who is this? Are you new to the forums? :)

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