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I don't like the story. Sea levels rise, sure, Millions of people displaced, sure. 50,000+ people move onto an island made for 5,000 people.... why?


What makes these people think there would be the space or supplies for them on this tiny island?


Why would people who were just displaced by flooding go to a tiny island in the middle of nowhere? Wouldn't they want to avoid islands?


It bothered me even more when one of the developers in a video talking about the game's story said when millions of people were displaced, "a lot", went to the Ark. "A lot", of, "millions of people", going to this man made island made for 5,000 people is ridiculous.

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I thought it looked a lot like Borderlands, but less cartoonish.

The toons themselves seem a little hokey (aka borderlands), but I thought the graphics for large multiplayer environments were pretty good (for that style... totally different than MW2 for example)

I noticed also that the vids are from consoles.


Link to the vids:


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RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE, old thread about Brink!


I just downloaded this game yesterday, and it definitely has a TF2/Borderlands hybrid feel. You can upgrade abilities (take more damage, use more special abilities, make your weapon more accurate, etc). There might be a little parkour in there too, so it's a nice blend.


For the UT2K4 folks, this game still isn't as fluid in movement as that. The closest it gets to a double jump is the slide, but to me it seems like that may get you killed faster.


Is there anyone else playing this or thinking about picking it up? I think it's definitely worth a look, missions can be very complex and challenging.

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Its on my *want* list for sure, but I have to refill the cash tank after this last move first...

Honestly i would wait for it to be on sale... I own the game and it's meh. The gameplay is REALLY fun. Campaign/co-op/multiplayer is all in one the same thing. Challenge mode forces you to play by yourself inorder to unlock new weapons... it's just as hard playing with other ppl... but the game awards you nothing. It just feels like half a game. but... if you don't care... It looks awesome it's fun to play and customization is nice!

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