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Battlefield 3 new MP trailer


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Having been a huge fan of the MP in the previous BF titles (excluding 2142 which I could just not get into), I'm pretty excited about BF3's arrival in October.


The new MP trailer today has just got me uber excited (and I'm pleased that I've been planning a new PC build during September....)



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Oh wow, dogfights? Did BF always have aerial combat??


They dropped planes for the two Bad Company games (I still play BC2/BC2:Vietnam more than anything else at the moment though), but I'm looking forward to the return of prone and the air combat.

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lol. This made me miss playing Afterbruner on the genesis.


But seriously, the graphics for BF3 are out of this world. The look along with the sounds, it all seems so real. And one of the things i loved most about BF2 was the Jets, even though I sucked at them. I don't know how people were able to maneuver them so easily, even when i made my sensitivity as high as i could, the plane wouldn't do maneuvers that i could see others doing with them. I thought maybe they had a joystick but I don't know.


I feel the same way about helicopters in BF:BC2, why do they make the controls so hard to use to fly something that could be so simple? And it still feels like a huge fat cow when i try to maneuver it with super high sensitivity, whereas other people do just fine.

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