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Phantasy Star Online 2


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It's going to be on PC and the PS Vita. You can actually download it now and play it on the Japanese servers. There is an english patch out that corrects most of the text in the game. Sega is keeping it F2P but you can buy tickets for things for your avatar. All the items are cosmetic so nobody can just buy the best weapon/armor/etc and out class everyone. I'm hearing that the US and Europe will be on the same servers. Although you can only group with with three other players in a group you can see other players outside and your group and actually "Team" up with other groups to do encounters/quests/boss battles. At least, thats what I'm seeing on these vids. That could change for the US version. The videos from PAX are the most recent and although it doesn't give you hardware specs for requirements it doesn't look to be all that graphically intense. I'm also hearing that it will launch in February but nobody has anything up for preorder right now so that may be false. Regardless, I'm looking forward to it.



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The problem is phantasy star has always been notorious for cheating and hacking. I've been playing pso2 since private (prior to the english translation patches) and while I love pso (I played it on dreamcast, and then on xbox) it still has the issue with the cheating and hacking, but Sega is actually making efforts to fight it this time.

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This going to Steam? I remember playing Phantasy Star 2 on the Genesis way back when and loved that.


PS2 and PS4 were both great games, and would be tied in my opinion for the best games every made on the Genesis but they aren't anything like PSO. Admittedly I only played the first one on Dreamcast but it certainly wasn't my thing.

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