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I think I was in uno last year, so I will move over there.... so there is one for ya


joined the first league.... not sure how to drop out of the second one, if you can just kick me TbT that might be easiest

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Hi there, just made a thread for league one.  This whole working a corporate job for the first time in my life has been whooping my personal times butt but i'm getting the league set up.  have 10/12 people renewed from last year, and will drop the two that havent if they havent opted in by the end of the work.  Mr mustard is already rsvp'd for one of the spots, next person to PM me will get the second, AND THIS IS SOLEY BASED on if people from last year do not renew.  sorry ive been so wishy washy with my presence lately, work work more work.  anyways, thanks for being patient, and lets have some fun!

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In fantasy related news, I know we use Yahoo (which I despise) but for you ESPN users, I'm meeting/seeing Matthew Berry today.  He's speaking at a very small venue, and sighning his book.  Been looking forward do it for a while now.

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