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  1. I don't think DDR4 is at all worth the money given your price point. Here is what is, in my opinion, the optimal $750 build (sans case, psu, OS, and peripherals) CPU: Intel I5-4690 CPU Cooler (If you can use your old one, great): Cooler master hyper 212 evo Mobo: ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 killer (ATX-LGA1150) Ram: Any DDR3 2400. I personally would grab g-skill ripjaws X or corsair vengeance but really there are plenty of totally fine options. Video card: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Total price: $769 Without CPU cooler: $739 Obviously if you plan to overclock you'd need to change the CPU and Mobo, but really, that is a personal preference and not a huge money changer.
  2. This is just my two cents, but although I feel like the server wipes are a good way to achieve a burst of players and playtime, for me they just removed my interest in the server. I personally like to build ridiculous constructions that take hundreds of hours and when they got erased I took the world data to a private server. Maybe I'm the only one who feels that way, but that's one consistent player who lost interest as a result.
  3. I will also join, I can draft any time today or tomorrow. Oh I just realized you were actually posting this regarding the "other" league. NVM already in it
  4. Since I was too late to reclaim my spot in league #2 I'll join this one.
  5. I was in there as like atthurman or something. That or Leon.
  6. I'm like 99% sure I was in league 2 last season. Not positive, but pretty sure.
  7. My yahoo account is being recycled because I don't use it for anything besides fantasy football. I just created leonebluen@yahoo.com so if you can invite me again I'd appreciate it.
  8. I play but I play almost solely ranked matches so I don't think that's what you're looking for. I'll add you on here shortly though.
  9. I've just been playing on a downloaded copy of the old world personally
  10. I had an auto-drafted team because I was stuck at work. I hustled all year trying to get into the playoffs. I get there, and Jamaal Charles puts up 5 points. Five. I feel your pain. I hustled harder than anyone in this league. Anywho, if you're gonna talk smack you best win this week. Otherwise I'll have swept you this year
  11. You could've played either of us fartknockers if you'd put out a better regular season FK
  12. Gotcha gotcha. Yeah, I don't care so much about the day, just the time of day. As someone who works weekends, it's nice to have things later is all I meant
  13. Hm, really? Not sure. I coulda sworn the draft was at like 6 or 7 last year, if not later.
  14. Meh. Mine could be worse but I'm not pleased about it either. My auto draft, that is. I really don't understand why the draft was so early.
  15. I really appreciate it tirtul, that is very generous of you - and it also means I get to be in the league I was in last year, wooh!
  16. Am I too late to join the other league? Not seeing any threads...
  17. Mahl_Ze is my friend and I take responsibility for him and confirm his knowledge of the rules contained herein.
  18. How busy has the second server been?
  19. That's an interesting raid rule. Seems to defeat the entire point of sleepers though. Also my friend Serevok and I have decided to go build elsewhere. We're out.
  20. My friend Serevok is trying out our Rust server. For now he's living with us, so don't shoot him if you see him around.
  21. That's fine, work on fixing the teams while you have three players online working to build a lead. Just take me off the list for this familiar unfairness.
  22. I offered plenty of alternative solutions on the previous page (all of which have been brought up before) and they were all immediately rejected and shot down, thank you very much. Now you and TBT have both made the argument that things will change going forward anyways. How is that relevant? Things changing in the future isn't a justification for lopsided teams from the very beginning.
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