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Longs days


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Hello everyone!

I have been away from home two days, the two longest days of my life, I cried the last night, without sleep and with the heart I throw pieces.
I do not have many words about it, I just have a great impotence for not being where I should be, with my people and my blood.
Fortunately I live in a very distant area where the misfortune that attacked my people is done, (if you do not know what I'm talking about, turn on the tv).
Tonight I get home and take refuge in my second home (gc) ..
These two days I have hit the phone to know that my people, family and friends are well, (I still have no news Ripajes) ..
My social networks are invaded by the worst strata I imagine.
But I share what my people do together.



If you want to see a little more, follow the link-.











Do you want to help? Even if it's a cup of coffee?
Help is welcome! Help the "Topos"


















México te necesita. Tu contribución puede hacer una gran diferencia.
Apoya a los Topos, una organización mexicana especializada en labores de rescate tras los terremotos.

Dona con PayPal siguiendo estos sencillos pasos:
1. Accede a tu cuenta PayPal a través de www.paypal.com o la aplicación móvil.
2. Selecciona “Enviar pago por artículos o servicios”.
3. En el destinatario, escribe el correo electrónico de los Topos: donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org.
4. Ingresa la cantidad que desees donar y pulsa “Enviar pago”.

El 100% de tu contribución será donada a la organización.



Sorry if this is out of place. I just wanted to share this a bit, I came to the server to clear my mind, I'm seeing these images all day and it's a lot for me. You can delete the post if it is out of place.
Hug. Max.



Edit. Tats. The Steelers be the No. 1


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The UK sends it's love, support and prayers to Mexico.

Ty Rookie! :(


I'm so sorry Max. Virtual hugs from me for sure. I hope Ripajes is ok as is all of your family and friends. It's just awful. I have seen interviews from children in a school (that's mostly what the US is showing here) and it's so heartbreaking. 

I know looney, ty for you love. I hope Ripajes be okay u.u

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