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Current Jockey/Charger Meta


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Can we have a discussion about the current meta that is the rocket jockey. It seems to award way too many points for the skill level involved.

Also, charger nerf still seemingly incredibly heavy handed in comparison I get that 1pt per hit was too much, but what is it now, seems way too low.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I’m fine with the point system for the current Chargers atm.

They still do plenty of damage on the survivors to compensate for the reduced points (from charger punches before the update years ago).

As for the Jockeys, I just wish they were easier to shoot and to shove away. 

How much damage do they even make from a rocket Jockey anyway? It feels like they take away a good chunk of your health off a lucky landing :P

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I think it might be tiered to how far away they landed it from. But it isn't as strong as the charger or anything. I know the max distance you can get on a jockey pounce is 4 points but I don't recall the damage. Might be as high as a hunter maybe? Or half that? I forget what Jackie did.

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