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Statistics System - Share Your Thoughts


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GC Board Member

Hey everyone!

I'm currently developing a stats system for use in GC, and am interested to hear what kind of stats and functionality you would like to see.

My current plan is:

  • Link all stats to Steam ID.
  • Track player names used to connect to the server(s), allowing for search-ability by player name.
    • Could also possible track number of times a name has been used for each player, allowing for a 'most common' name per Steam ID.
  • Track total kills of SI real players and bots individually, same for headshots.
  • Track total common kills.
  • Track total points earned as survivor and infected individually.
  • Track total play time, total total time as survivor and infected.
  • Track active round play time as survivor and infected.
    • This would exclude time spent waiting for the round to start, or time spent in spectate.
  • Track total incaps and kills of survivor real players and bots all individually.
  • The stats will be viewable via in-game menu, and ideally I'd like to integrate a platform right here in the website to browse statistics.
  • Considering tracking unique stats per SI class such as:
    • Time spent alive, total deaths to survivors, damage dealt, number of abilities used on survivor (e.g. players charged, boomed, pounced, etc.), points earned.
  • Considering also tracking per-weapon stats like total shots fired, shots landed, headshots landed, kills by headshot vs non-headshot.
  • Considering also tracking records like 'highest kill count', or 'highest point count' in a single round for each player.
  • Considering also tracking achievements earned, the time it took you to earn them (fastest time, average time).

That's all I can think of right now...

Let me know what you guys think might be nice to have! 😁

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Yep! This is a major W, Soda.

This feature gives me shades of the golden period of GC in 2014-2017 (at least from my experience).

Plus, it was a LOT easier seeing how many players are in the server(s) with this stats page being at the forefront of the forum site.

Yea, feel free to keep adding as much unique stats as you can possibly think of here.

I think it's pretty cool seeing our strengths, and keeping track of any weaknesses that we could improve on as Survivors or as Infected.

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GC Board Member

I decided I'll build it to track stats per weapon.
That means kills per weapon, headshots per weapon, and also for bots and players separately.

Not gonna lie, this is going to be a LOT of stats.

Lowkey might be cool tho 🤑

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GC Board Member

Oh and also - those kills and headshots on bots and players are also split into each Special Infected class, so yea 😃

Not sure how that'll work for shotguns... I'll probably figure something out lmao

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GC Board Member


  • Database is built.
  • Code is complete for:
    • Incrementing variables for weapon (like 20 tracking right now, everything that shoots bullets), enemy type (common/smoker/jockey/etc.), player type (human/bot), kill type (normal/headshot).
    • Saving player Steam ID to database.
    • Saving linked player names and join count with Steam ID, first connect date/time, last connect date/time.
      • This is set to update on player joining.
    • Saving the weapon stats, i.e. for each player, each weapon, each infected type, bot kill count, bot HS count, player kill count, player HS count.
      • The stats are set to update on round end, meaning if you leave mid-round, the stats won't save.
        • I could probably enhance this in the future to prevent stat loss in case of disconnect prior to round end.

What's left before we can test?

  • In-game menu to display your stats and rankings for these different values.
    • command to open menu, select overall stats vs weapon stats, select weapon, run query - display stats and ranking against other players for each stat.
  • Round stat reset upon player disconnect to ensure the same client ID doesn't retain someone else's stats.
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GC Board Member


  • Menu is built for first test release.

What left to do?

  • Queries returning stats and rankings for selected weapon.
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GC Board Member

Version 0.1 is live now.
Type /ranks to open the menu.

Only stat I set up so far to return is pistol --> common kills.

That said, all weapons are tracking - they just aren't displayable until i add the logic for them all

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GC Board Member

Version 0.2 is ready to go live.


  • Added the rest of pistol target options.
    • Dynamically handling each target selection.
  • Added rank display for all the pistol stat screens.
    • Don't ask how this is possible in one query, I don't want to talk about it lmao
  • Improved performance of stat updates by reducing database calls.
    • 'Insert record unless conflicts with existing key, then update instead.'

Version 0.3 will be coming shortly with handling for the rest of the weapons (except melee, I'll do that later).
Shouldn't take long, it's just a bunch of disgusting redundant code 😀

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GC Board Member

Version 0.3 is live now.


  • Stats and ranks viewable for all weapon/target options that can be selected currently.
    • Please let me know if you find any bugs!
    • Note that if you don't have any stats registered for a specific weapon/target selection, it will say something like 'no data available'.


To Do for v0.4:

  • Add 'all targets' option for each weapon to view total kills/headshots/ranks for each weapon.
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