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  1. haha, OBVIOUSLY to not follow the game story and to do whatever the heck you want
  2. Haha, lucky jerks! My metabolism is waaay slow, I really wish I could just eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's whenever I wanted to.
  3. how exactly do you rotate it? I know I can click on the four little pie squares. What I usually do is do the things that they like the most first, but then I leave with a bad impression. I can't figure out why I'm supposed to do even things that they don't like. Doesn't bribing cost money, though?
  4. So to get farther in the game, I have to persuade this NPC at the Shrine of Azura to tell me something. I know I click on the little face icon in the bottom left, but obviously I am no good at picking the order in which to say things, i.e. joke, amuse, etc. I can tell their different facial expressions but still I can't get anywhere. How do I do this? In other news, I just found out it's possible to kill a horse. Destroyed my pretty chestnut with the long mane.
  5. haha oh come on, how can you NOT like that song
  6. emily


    If any of you want to play a REAL stock game.. stocksquest.com is a lot of fun
  7. emily

    monkey vs tiger

    aww it was so cute in round two when the puppy kept just running around in circles taunting the cat, lol
  8. For some reason it wouldn't work past the first 2 seconds for me... it turned into just a blank green screen...
  9. takes too long to load... :-/
  10. They look decent but they're probably not the best in their class.
  11. I really don't like the new front ends of the monte carlo or the impalas. The impalas used to look mean, now they just look girly. I can't even take the undercover cops driving around in the new ones seriously anymore. Then again, I've always hated the monte carlo's abrupt back end.
  12. haha, do you mean that cover up stuff for the whole back glass of your car? sorry to hear about that though, my brother's already had to have his windshield replaced twice in about a month because of stone chips, but that was his fault.
  13. His snoop dogg and jay-z were pretty good, but I didn't think his DMX was low enough.
  14. emily

    Jai Alai

    I think that game is illegal in some places...
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