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  1. i have also been looking
  2. thanks for answering my message ms mustard
  3. we stopped after we broke the table on my back. it was a draw.
  4. i was more drunk on Sunday morning that I was on Friday night...
  5. Mag might not have gotten this, but I did see him filming the donkey close up while he was making gallop in the sky. I'm guessing that keg had something to do with his film inspiration.
  6. If they were worse than you, then that is quite frightening. We are dirty to the 10th power
  7. Second picture - thats me, ghosting cujo out....muahahaa
  8. i like how kwill had to kick us out of the game room at around 5 something in the morning...Myself, Lobo, Shadow, Trancid and..how could I forget....Raw-C...lawl.....Ebil I want to see whatever pictures you had taken asap! btw..we weren't kick out b/c we were gaming late, it was the 5 second game chugging tequila, vodka, and beer. GG to the bar for further assisting me and getting dumb drunk. I wonder if any of the bartenders have taken classes on "When to Cut Your Patrons Off", and if so, they failed. Thanks to all who bought rounds of shots to people! Quick run-through of my faded but present memories. 1. Nick throwing his laptop on dirty and then throwing his beer cup on Cujo and I for me yelling "Detriot WHAT?!" 2. The whole G table being the largest group of raging alcoholics on the verge of real life murder at any given second. 3. Fatty passing around his Crown XR 4. Bear assaulting the tree for it's involvement in the battery stealing incident. 5. Me thinking "i'm going to regret looking at this" while watching Ebil take pictures of me while drinking/breaking things. 6. My thoughts of breaking faces when we lost the tourney 7. r.i.p. das boot 8. never ever wanting to see anything to do with guitar hero. 9. m1llers mom 10. Lobo and KWill trying to make me go to a room at 5:30am and not let me bring my drunken chaos though the hotel lobby. 11. Ich - I almost killed him by strangulation. 12. My apologies to the 3 souls in my room in which I assaulted both verbally and physically. 13. Raw-C's pile of wood formally known as his "room-table" 14. The WWE smack-down between Raw-C and I 15. ShadowDog: "Hey y3r mother, whats the deal with the servers?" Y3rMother: "Go Sit Down." 16. Dirty assaulting the donkey.. p.s. Always give xt alcohol. Especially Dirty and I
  9. yeah i got 2 hours of sleep before leaving. Drank till...uhh.....i dont know, but the sun was up.
  10. okie dokie just let me know
  11. Tutt is going to go with me, do you still have the ticket available? He hasn't bought his yet and he was planning on getting one at the door. Please let me know if you still have it. You remember tutt don't you? ([VI] King Tutt or whatever lawl )
  12. we should play beerpong.
  13. 116 i made my debut on the countdown thread..woot
  14. she doesnt play so does it cost anything for her to come?
  15. Mine wants to come but she is wondering if there is going to be any women doing other things (i.e shopping). I know some did it last year but I am unsure about this year.
  16. Table G here also.....DAS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!
  17. I used to live in Lexington, its a nice place in some parts...Don't picture anything like "country Kentucky" , because thats not what it is.. City type
  18. My prayers are with you and your family...I hope things get better. Call me if you need anything
  19. Disconnect: STEAM UserID STEAM_0:1:262318 is banned. black`ice
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