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    San Antonio, TX
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    Counter Strike, computers, bowling, nba (go spurs!), anything indoors in the texas heat.
  1. selfcontr0l

    New WhiteList

    Hey guys. Can you whitelist my account so my son can play online? user: KardlaForest Thanks!
  2. selfcontr0l

    GC Inflight Announcement

    i....love you guys... still trying to make my way back to the server. played a few days this month. might play more around the holidays. it feels like forever since i played! glad to see a bunch of familiar faces online gotta admit i don't read the forums much, but if i ever get an pm or email, i'll come running. thanks for keeping the server running strong!
  3. selfcontr0l

    New Server Wish List

    I added (per someone else's idea from the forums) a 'ma_users' command to all of my BUY weapon binds, so every round I would get a users list complete with steam ids at the beginning of a round. In case something questionable came up, I'd know the steam Id of everyone who started the round. So yeah, I miss the ma_users command. I do like some of the new things, like CHANGE NAME. Because I hate having to hear anyone say "change your name!" I used to do that, but it was more involved, cuz i'd have to do a ma_cexec <name> name Something_else, so THANK YOU for putting that in. Can you fix the VOTE MAP option to make it clearer whether it will change IMMEDIATELY or AFTER THE CURRENT MAP instead of "after vote" (which doesn't make sense)
  4. selfcontr0l

    selfcontr0l is still a n00b

    thanks sj i appreciate it... and i have thought about taking the 0 out...but then it wouldn't be me.... i just need to do a ban for 9999 instead
  5. Ok guys, I will eventually learn....it's a 50/50 shot when you type @ban user time or @ban time user...... so i chose wrong and used @ban <moron_name_here> 0 and it banned me cuz of the 0 in my name....again..... it's been a while tho this time, so hope you forgive me. But check it out and see if anyone else got accidently banned. I was TRYING to get the "balack obama" guy for repeated team attacks. lunk said he got him tho, since my attempt epic-failed. selfcontr0l STEAM_0:1:5625
  6. selfcontr0l

    curse word filtering

    i think freak, fark, frig, friggin, fratzin, fraggin, along with pchan, pc, priscilla, indEED, and indaface should all be marked as swearing as well
  7. selfcontr0l

    i think it's a sign..... i'm done

    update for my fellow .gc's: classes are over. i made an A and a B. my last day at my current job is may 20 (next tuesday) i saved up some cash, but it won't last long. my parents are gracious enough to let me stay in their extra room in san antonio. it's not really san antonio, it's actually in a small rural town out east. no high speed internet. with gas prices and food prices what they are, i can't afford to be without income for very long. and i definitely have to either lease or sell my house in austin. i still haven't decided whether to get a job full time or do part-time and go to school full time... i just know that i can do better than i've been doing in the last 8 years. hope it all works out in the end. and hope to be back in the server eventually. ----- "the race is long. and in the end, it's only with yourself" --Mary Schmich, sunscreen speech
  8. selfcontr0l


    you should kill your power supply and then quit cs like me. *cries uncontrollably*
  9. selfcontr0l

    i think it's a sign..... i'm done

    actually it has been the same mobo thru all of the events... but i just thought i was overtaxing the psu.... and i really do need to test all the stuff....but i don't wanna test it with this mobo
  10. selfcontr0l

    i think it's a sign..... i'm done

    thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.... and you're all probably right.... after i've slept i have a little bit clearer head... 1) could be the mobo....dunno. it's old and needs upgrading too, but then that means ram+cpu as well. 2) it's been in 2 different houses, and both are <15 yrs old...so wiring should be fine 3) but... it has been the same surge suppressor....i should invest in a UPS.... 4) i will get the c.s. bug again...well really i still have it...i'm just discouraged right now... 5) so i could spend 50-100 bucks on another power supply again and cross my fingers 6) i could sell one of the 8800gts's and don't overtax my psu 7) i am still going to quit my job. 8) i am still going to be w/o high speed for a little while. man that's gonna suck none of it is happening very quickly tho... i have to take some time off. thanks for the words of encouragement.... and i'll probably visit the forums more often to get my "community" fix
  11. selfcontr0l

    i think it's a sign..... i'm done

    i blew up one Antec 430W power supply... RMA'd it. meanwhile I had bought a new computer from a guy off of craigslist... came with an Antec 500W xconnect or whatever.... that one died on me last year sometime... so I popped the one they sent back from the previous RMA into my newer computer, and it ran good...for a while then I blew that one up. so 2 computers and 0 working power supplies. so i bought a new one, but only like a 550...not enuf to run sli, but enuf to get the job done. it ran fine, but i wanted more FPS, so i upgraded to a 8800gts.. still running fine. but then compusa had a great sale cuz they were going out of business so i picked up a 1000W trupower Antec for 95 bucks... sweet i thought) cuz now i have 2 decent power supplies and 2 working computers.... so 1000W now i can run sli! so i pick up another 8800gts....everything runs great... still tweaking some stuff.... but everything was fine... then i'm watchin some movie and POW! shutdown. smells like burned electronic components.... my first instinct was that one of the new vid cards went out....cuz NO WAY could the 1000W top of the line antec supply go out.....but it did.... i haven't tested to see if the mobo and vid cards are ok......i'm so depressed.... i give up.... i'm selling my 8800 gts's and my mobo+cpu+ram....if they still work....cheap....cuz i am tired....Antec ruined me....and i don't even think i can RMA it cuz compusa went out of business and they need a receipt from the store.... i'm quitting cs for a while.... so if you guys don't see me on the server that is why..... i'm also prolly quitting my job.... i hate it.... been there 8 years and they treat us like crap. i'm probably moving to san antonio...i might have to be without high speed internet for a while.... i'm moving to be closer to family and friends.....
  12. OK EVERYONE. I'm going! I'm planning it now. I've paid. I'm going to tell my boss when I'll be gone. And I'm coming from Austin, TEXAS. Lunk: wanna carpool? heh I might actually drive...haven't done the math yet on whether it is worth it yet... but I'll want to bring my own system We'll see. I have months to work that out. Advice? Suggestions?
  13. selfcontr0l

    Happy Birthday Me

  14. selfcontr0l

    Wifes mother passed away

  15. selfcontr0l

    admin corretion

    heh yoo gize iz weeyurd