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  1. Finally someone with wireless comparable to mine!
  2. Between you and me, let's just ignore that other guy.
  3. Those numbers make me feel slow....and old.....
  4. I don't know which, if either of you, to take seriously. Cause your ping times....well you're pinging something....too close.....
  5. This might be what Ella has, dunno about the frosty v2 stuff, but the description fits....
  6. My wireless speed at home: Which is over 5G, basically matches what I get hard wired through PCs.....what are you current gamers getting right now?
  7. I'm not looking up prices.....Ella's are the most expensive but prolly worth it.... Yours truly wearing Corsair. Plug and play, inline volume...and look at the beauty between the speakers...wow. These are comphy. Ella wearing Steelseries. They glow blue on and off...I unplug it when she's away because I swear it shows up on my electric bill. However, wow....you can't tell these things are on your head. I'm pretty sure she took the prize of the four. Also, the mic goes in and out and is very flexible. It's just top notch. Elena sporting the Logictech G35. I bought these for her because I swear you could play tug-o-war with the cord. Quick access dials on the side for volume etc. Mya wearing Plantronics GameComm. I believe these could boast a wife / girlfriend blocking ability because this kid can't hear me when I talk to her (i.e. me from the kitchen while she's gaming).
  8. Last Christmas I spent money on 4 different pairs of headsets for myself and my girls....all were under $100 at that time. I've grown partial to my Corsair set....but I'll quickly review each in a second...
  9. Last night Buddy celebrated her first, second, and fifth kills online! It actually helped that we changed IPs because the game wasn't so crazy hectic around her! :-o She tends to follow me around all the time....which is a bad idea, because with the new maps and the altered "old" maps, I have no idea where I'm getting shot from. One example, Shaft shoots me from only God knows where. Fatty: "Mya, don't step up there where I <BLAM>.....nevermind." Shaft took care of the whole family with two shots within 5 seconds.
  10. That's encouraging to hear! Wait hold up it shouldn't be 50/50!!!!
  11. server IP change is a time when everyone needs to give a little extra....we just lost our "favorites but not a member for forums or community" traffic.. go1.gcftw.com
  12. LOL Renegade slammed his headset down so hard Mya (Buddy) took off her headset and stared over the monitors at him...."Dad, what's wrong?" "Nothing, honey...I just shot him in the back to finish the round......" Renegade continues to fume, "I alt-tabbed out!!!" Mya: "Daddy, what's going on?" Fatty: "I got like 3 kills, that was one of them...and it felt amazing.....but he's unhappy." Mya: <blank stare> a few minutes later Fatty to Renegade: "Mya was very concerned about what happened. I think you scarred her for life." Renegade offers my children skittles. Fatty realizes that Renegade just might be that one Ice Cream Man that you keep your kids away from.
  13. I'd like to create a 10 player "Proving Grounds" server so that on a busy night, I can still take my family into CS in a GC server without people freaking out about our skillz....where I can train them in basic stuff.....so basically a clone of our server but with a title that tells exactly what it is, so nobody mistakes it for anything but practice....unless you feel this is a waste of CPU.
  14. I can call myself an old-timer because GC was technically started before CS even existed......with cat5 running up and down vents in an apartment building LAN, we played HLDM, built maps, and stomped on the floor to show our displeasure for kill we didn't like. Fast forward 15 years today. No wait, rewind 14 or so back to the early beta days of CS. If you watched me play today you'd never believe that I could carry a 3:1 ratio consistently. I'm not joking. Give me an MP5 and a nade, and I brought lots of death and destruction and weakened a bunch of others. (side note, I don't believe there will be a person reading this that viewed my recording of Watchtower's 6 person nade kill on Inferno during a match....unreal...never forgotton) Ok, back to present. I suck. No really....I really do suck. The skill level in CS is unbelievable. Granted for the last 8 years I only hopped on when I was 3 sheets.....but regardless. Here's why I don't know if I can make a comeback or difference anymore in this game: When I was 3:1, people would listen and let me call plays. We would do amazing things vs. a team with no organization. When I was 2:1, still could rally a team, even as time went on and I could barely stay 1:1, my name was enough that people would listen, and because simple teamwork prevailed, we could dominate. I don't want to call the plays anymore. I don't have a right to call the plays any more. But damnit the people on the top don't call plays they just complain and make excuses. Ask the guys of xT.....I take orders pretty well, I'm not proud, there's no ego. Give me an assignment. I'd do the same thing in the pub server, no problem. But while we call it a "competitive" server....is it really a teamwork-based server? Maybe it's too early to tell. I'll not give up yet. Funny story, tonight on Dust2, we are getting drilled....down 2-7 as CTs....ok, and round after round, nothing. I'm like, let's go, we have to change something here.....everyone get a SMG and rush up the middle!!! I died alone...... charisma -5. Not a single soul. Whatever, I wouldn't listen to me either....but my point is this....we need the skilled people of the server to be organizing things, not just making excuses (most of those present won't even read this....we have to breed them). Ok, I have much more to say.....but I'm done for now. I'm still better than my children (rofl). This will be my blog though.....because FragFestOhio was built on CS and our community group. I feel it will survive on it. When this ends, it's probably over for me between FFOs (meaning I'll play it there) as far as CS goes..... My last concern: there wasn't any laughter. Barely any if any at all. I saw a sense of humor in Badplayer an Queen somethingorother....(both GC, thank you, sorry queen i'll learn your name), but aside from that.... You gotta have fun. You gotta be able to laugh, most of all at yourself. poop, laugh at me, but not in a mean way! That's not GC! Maybe next chapter I'll tell you about the guy who I wanted to strangle tonight, but only kicked......I'd be fine going 1:10 (btw I held a 1:2 most of the time, besides d2!), and I'd be fine laughing at myself trying....but to be demeaned....to be put down...to be witched at....cause you suck.......I thought I banned a ton before.....ooof....now I'm a big fat target for abuse. ......to be continued...we shall see how it goes! I hope that I can make a difference, but maybe my time is done!?!?
  15. Shortly is hereby forever defined as 10 minutes. no more, no less.
  16. who are you? oh, and welcome. Someone that knows something will be around shortly. There's gotta be sumbudy around here. Please have a seat over there <motions towards a row of chairs and exits>
  17. absolutely my all time favorite emoticon...well there is this one: but I obviously built that when we were writing on black....and hadn't messed with transparent background. Hmmm.....used this one quite a bit too: memories.....
  18. Part of it is that GO is a different world now with CMM competitive match making. A lot of us want to play matches competitively. Absolutely...we discussed this. The match creation part is something I always dreamed of. This game was meant to be played as a team (many of our thousands of bans were probably due to people not getting that) This is just when people are pubbing that I'm speaking about.
  19. I will charge you $5.99 and stand there spraying you with a hose on the side of the building. $10.99 if I'm blindfolded.
  20. If you want to add a caption, "edit" the photo.
  21. btw, before I forget, let me make this observation: During the meeting Sunday before we split, one of the things I brought up was playing on our public server, being there, representing GC, etc....it was mentioned that our server is pretty popular. Ok, it is in the 98th percentile, but still like ranked 600th...however, we were talking about building FFO, which starts with the CS following. Now, onto my observation: i looked at my friends list, and I had 8 different friends playing CS:GO (not in a match, just playing). Guess how many were in our server? None, it was empty. Back in the day I NEVER played anywhere but our server (still won't)...i sat there and waited for one other person, then we messed around (and actually talked! what?!?!) until a game started. I couldn't stand being on a server that wasn't up to our standards. Just saying, guys.....if your goal is to build FFO some, there's some wrench time involved. If your more important goal is to play a fast game of CS in a full server.....well, that won't build FFO.
  22. The trick is keeping it up to GC standards. My girls want to play that game...and I know a friend's son who loves that game....but that's once in a while peeps.
  23. ok i'm gonna listen to girlzilla and put these in the gallery....this is a pain here.
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