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Found 7 results

  1. I've been appointed as the new pastor of a small church and they have no wireless mic set-up for me. I hate being chained so I want to buy a wireless lapel mic. I jumped on eBay and went to Musician's Friend and the prices were so varied and the brands were unknown to me. Anyone with experience, I would like to stay under $100 if possible but I want decent sound quality and if possible good battery life. Any help is appreciated, links appreciated more
  2. I stopped paying attention to these kind of things and have no idea what's good or what I should be looking for. Can you help? Primary use for gaming, but also video calls at work (so I can expense it). Only running laptops these days and I'd love it to be portable (ie no external amp). Would love to stay at or under $150, but willing to spend a little more for the luxury of talking with Shaftiel. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I'm currently using a Turtle Beach HPA2 headset. It's one of those true 5.1 headsets with 4 drivers in each cup. However, I'm using them with only the 2 stereo drivers in Dolby Headphone mode and they sound fantastic. With the exception of the right side earcup sub driver being busted. Oh, and I lost the mic so I can't really communicate effectively in game. Anyway, I'm looking to replace/upgrade and just wanted to get a feel of what all of you are using as your primary headphones/headset. Thanks, Cobb
  4. Translating pc jargon from Dutch, so bear with me here: i can't seem to connect my PS3 bluetooth mic to my laptop. I won't allow me to turn on the option to let bluetooth devices 'find' my computer, giving me an error message when i try to tick the option in the settings. Also, bluetooth is available in my configuration screen, but doesn't appear in my device management list. my model is a medion p7612. Any ideas?
  5. Is it worth it? I thinking of getting a 7.1 soundsystem setup for my computer but I am not sure which route I should take. I have a stereo 2.1 system setup with a killer bass and could upgrade to a 5.1 if I get an audio card, but it would be hard to fit it all in my small room. So how are these surround sound headsets? I currently use some pretty nice in-ear beats by dre (love my bass) but I also use them on my commute to school, so it would be nice to not have to switch them out constantly. Anyone have any reviews or recommendations? Budget is a negotiable $150
  6. I'm looking to pick up some sort of home audit player, ideally something that can stream wireless from pandora or mp3s off an iphone and ipad.. or from a desktop computer. Any thoughts? Anybody have a Sonos system?
  7. At the moment, I am using the integrated sound from my motherboard and the Tritton AX 720 as my headset. I don't keep up with the sound card department but I am looking for something that has 5.1/7.1 and uses PCIe x1. I was thinking either the Asus Xonar or the Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium or any other card. As for a headset, my 720s are nice but I rather keep them for my PS3/360 and get a headset just for my desktop. I was thinking about the Asus Vulcan. I don't want to spend over $100 for the sound card and $150 for the headset. What do you guys recommend and use?
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