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  1. I'm considering getting my 3 girls accounts on MC (they'be been playing the pocket edition for some time) I've skimmed our pinned topics, but not read, just knowing that we have a server and it's easy to join was what I needed..... Would the GC server be a good place for them to start out? They can handle all the basics of survival....but haven't done the multiplayer where they might be hunted by others.... Thoughts? My girls are 13, 10, and 8....wouldn't be playing all that often.....can they host their own world that would pick up where they left off? Is their building saved somewhere if they didn't play for several days to a week inbetween? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Why can't I remember the French language when I see it? gah!
  3. omgosh thread hijacking going on.....Amanda and I were just laughing out loud and retelling the story of you in Drug Mart.....wow....
  4. Oh, crashx to the rescue....nice..... remind me to trip you.
  5. This is page two, did anyone make fun of the title of the thread yet?
  6. Fatty

    PAYDAY 2

    my youngest, wandering and shooting, has matched me in level.....i had to help her spend her points..... moral of the story: name yourself like a girl and gamers will take care of you...
  7. Fatty

    PAYDAY 2

    What's with the bots spamming unrelated links?
  8. Thanks for saving me typing....no idea how I wandered in here....
  9. Did you guys know that most real life derbies are driven in reverse (the whole time) like this person chose to do at the end? Funny how those cars are motoring without a motor (or even a place for one!) I'll most likely invest in this when I have the spare change. VooDoo, I expected no less of you in your anticipation for this game...you pwnd us many times in race mode on FO2.....who else used to enjoy this game with us online? There was a very small group. At FFO, red v green matches were super fun! I love doing team derbies.
  10. We have any artists in the group? Maybe GC should sponsor a member to do some designing and then get GC's name in the game..... I'm gonna get Fatty put in there for $70 http://nextcargame.com/pre-order/
  11. More stuff: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1470493497/next-car-game-a-motorsport-with-attitude
  12. We've had lots of laughs online and at FFO playing Flatout2 (3 was a bust). This looks pretty cool....considering pre-ordering to get the sneak peak shown here: http://www.redbull.com/nz/en/games/stories/1331621423619/a-sneak-peek-at-next-car-game Then again, maybe that's just support and not a pre-order....sigh...
  13. Fatty

    PAYDAY 2

    Enjoying being a newb with this game. Funny, a couple days ago I was being nubish, learning.....and got kicked from a group....which prompts me always to thank those more experienced in the game for bearing with me and giving me some guidance. Go hug a newb today. This community was started by being cool to each other. (and yes, banning over 10,000 people too, okay fine)
  14. One plus for the Clarion is that we have the power boxes that convert the 220 already built. Every single place we've been to besides BWH has presented us with power issues. If you're looking around, that has to be one of the top priorities.
  15. Mother Trucker I bought this for my girls yesterday (because they'll be with their mom for a while) and we LAN'd for hours.....and today it's free. $40 gone! I lose. Lolz
  16. Yeah, considered that....but I need 3......, but yep, if I have to pay for 3 at 20 I'll obviously get 4 at 15 and give one away...... let's hope the sale gets better! or better yet, someone is sitting on a copy, like crashx was, and gives it to someone (me) instead of the man (gc). :-p
  17. ok i take it all back.....this wasn't sent to me.....apparently it's for something for the Board that I receive emails for. I'm back to hating CrashX for beating me in Chess in front of my friends.....
  18. Absolutely, and I hope it happens like sooooon after Christmas........I preloaded Flat Out 2 for them (the price for that pack can't really fall much more)....but when I went to get L4D2, i said, whoa....we'll just have to wait until January for that one....I really couldn't bring myself to buy a game for $20 now that I paid $5 for last year! And to compound it, isn't there another one out or coming out?
  19. It's like he's Santa, I say....I ordered a couple new rigs for my girls and now I need 3 copies of L4D2....and of course, like marketing sneakies that they are, the company jacked the price up to $20 (it was $5 last december)..... anyways, first of all, THANK YOU CRASH MY FRIEND! Second, if you're sitting on an extra copy of L4D2 for any reason, I will gladly take it off your hands!!! You can sponsor a little Fatty junior in training! Merry Christmas, all. Hope everyone is doing well around here.
  20. I am reborn the apprentice....
  21. Lol I was gonna say that. I have brothers who dip it's nasty. Clue wins lol... @flitter: that was my second seat....moved my lappy to accommodate a visitor
  22. I put this photo up on my facebook, find me and get yourself tagged!
  23. Nice you guys went to Kent to eat????
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