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    I am famous with that assist!
  2. I just realized that my post yesterday didn't actually post. Setup today is anytime after one. Just make sure if you haven't already to run a virus scan on your computer and be able to show that you have before we can plug you into the network. I'm at the hotel for anyone that shows up early you can setup but there aren't any power runs until a little before one.
  3. NPi is sponsoring a Pizza Night on Saturday. The pizza will most likely be coming from Pizza Hut for any stuffed crust lovers out there. Here is a link to what they do if you would like to check them out:
  4. 1) This chart may change. Work with us if that happens. Those that registered earliest get dibs, in order of registration, on re-arranged seating. 2) All of the tables are going to be 6' long The following seats are open for reserve: ALL SEATS DESIGNATIONS IN WHITE THOSE IN RED ARE ALREADY CLAIMED! The unmarked seats are currently closed for reservation The remaining seats will open once we go over 64 registered. As depicted, all tables, we have room for 112 people. If by some chance the count goes over there is a hospitality room that we can use for extra space. Naturally if we come in well under 100 there will be some table shuffling to make everyone more comfortable, etc. When you register be sure to include a seat choice! If you are trying to group up with other people to sit together, make a note of it when registering. I'll be stamping out seat fires as needed when people register. First come first serve as far as choices go... C01 - JibbaJabba C02 - BigBoss D05 - Wes D06 - Trina D09 - Mav D10 - Marvin D13 - Renegade D14 - Palmer a.k.a. Majestic Diamond Man D15 - Kurtz
  5. This is just for an early head count. If you plan to attend let us know here and if you are going to accompanied by anyone who otherwise can't post in the forums.
  6. It's that time! FragFest 2016! When: July 7th - July 10th Where: Clarion Inn and Conference Center 6625 Dean Memorial Parkway Hudson, OH, 44236 - USA How much: $70/person and $70/room night (Using special code FragFest 2016 with hotel) Tee-Shirts: Yes, design is still in progress What do I need: Yourself and your computer Under 21: An additional waiver will be waiting for you when you arrive Under 17: Please contact us and we will sort out what you need to be able to attend Rules: Be careful, you don’t want to break anything Don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you There are no food or drink restrictions but coolers must be kept in the hospitality room, which will be located right next to event room Try not to download during event or do it later when there aren’t many people on Have fun Internet: The hotel has a dedicated T1 line with about 20 down 5 up Anything other than computer games: Anyone is more than welcome to bring board games and consoles with games. There will be round tables set for board games and usually there are poker games going.
  7. We can have all the drinks we want. The coolers and such just have to live in a hospitality room that is right next to the main meeting space we would be in.
  8. Funny this has been brought up. The Clarion Inn Hudson called me and wanted to see if we would use them this year. They are under new management and reached out to send us a proposal.
  9. MaRvIn

    Map List

    Working on a map list for the CO-OP server. *See attached* Map List.txt
  10. Well looks like I won't be coming to customs because everyone is coming to my house for Halloween this year...foiled again!
  11. I am going to do my best to be there this Saturday! Its going to be my first one free during customs in a long time, I am so excited.
  12. MaRvIn

    Ban Requests

    After watching the video and seeing what else you say happened. I have given all three players a week ban. If they come back after a week and decide to keep playing the same way, I will change that to permanent. Thank you for coming to the forums and posting. Feel free to add me on steam and message me anytime there is problem on the server. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003322443
  13. http://bdcraft.net or maybe this unfinished one http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1241290-r3d-craft-default-realism-smooth-realism-v0-2-2
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