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  1. I'd definately recommend the TSX. We just bought my girlfriend an MDX. We were looking in the high 20's/low 30's sedan, we just made the 'mistake' of driving the MDX and that was what she wanted (so I spent an extra 12K). We drove every single car in that price range (except for Fords and Dogde's) and the TSX was the winner. More options, more get up and go, nicer styling. I was actually a bit disappointed in the new A4. One of our friends has a chiped 02 A4 that has tons of get up and go and very sweet trim. The new A4 almost seemed drab, was bigger, and was painfully slow. If we hadn't bought the MDX, she would be driving an TSX. Btw, if you are willing to go a bit above 30, maybe fork in some of your own dough, the BMW325i is an AWESOME driving car. Drab interior, limited options, but easily the best driving car we drove. I was almost ready to give up my sports car for it (buying an M3 sometime next year). Good luck and grats on graduation. Lazy, care to forward me your resume, or ya already have a job?
  2. Its definately a Photoshop. I can look at it and tell. Thanks for finding a explanation San.
  3. WoW is amazing. I haven't played EQ2, but I can all but guarantee you WoW is better. For any of yall that get WoW, I'm playing on the Lightning's Blade server (PVP) and my 2 toon names are Snuggles (lvl 38 Priest) and Threefingers (lvl 12? Mage). Look me up.
  4. Also look at the programs she has installed. A lot of freeware and shareware apps install icons on your desktop. If she still cannot get rid of the icon, from the run prompt type 'cmd'. Navigate using the 'cd' command to your desktop. I don't rem what it is in windows 98, but it is something like c:/users/<her name>/desktop. You can look at the contents of a given directory with the 'dir' command. When you find the icons you want to delete, you can delete the with the 'delete' command. Hope that helps. Snoogins.
  5. I thought the movie was all right 3/5 stars. I guess I didn't like the way they turned Achilles into a T-1000 terminator. It definately reduced the conflict when he finally met Hector. Yes I know the story (I've actually translated from latin the Iliad), Achilles is the best warrior in the world, but they made it silly. Still a watchable movie.
  6. Yes HHH was bad. In fact, hes so pumped up now that he looks more troll than human. His acting was sub par for Monday Nitro, much less a movie. But, on the flip side, his character was somehow immune to silver tipped arrows... I guess I'm the only one here that thought this movie was, if at all possible, lamer than XXX. I'd give it a 1/2 star out of 4. Lamest action of the year. Lamest acting of the year. ***WARNING...SPOILERS...*** If you don't want this lame movie spoiled for you, then don't read below. Most horrible product placement EVER (come on...how many times can they work the IPOD thing into the story...oh wait, they didn't work it, they just stopped the plot and plugged the darn thing). Plot idea was a great idea (bring Drakula back from the dead for something), actual plot was horrible. "Yes Mr Dracula, sir, we just raised you from sleeping for 10billion years cuz we can't kill this one vampire hunter. You mind terribly helping us out?" Come on...that was HORRIBLE! If I was Dracula I woulda killed all of them and gone back to bed. How about they bring Drac back because his 1K yo plan is at fruition, and Blades just in the way. Thats another thing...Vamps in the first two movies were cool. Vamps in this movie were lame, stupid and annoying! Nobody is going to believe that these stupid haired people run a McDonalds, much less an evil vampire empire. Some pretty neat ideas...I loved the "human farm". A bit of a matrix knockoff, but still pretty cool. The dog-vampires...that was pretty dang freaky. Liked that too. No character development. Blade is a big guy that kicks a$$. All these other kids kick a$$. Van Wilder somehow was cured of vampirism. Huh? Nobody grows, nobody changes, nobody shows any signs of life. Oh, and Stiffler err...whatever the old guys name was. How was it that he can limp around and kill swat team people. Come on, thats a big yeah right. Big, huge plot wholes. One of the things that was brilliant about Blade 1 was that they explained where they got the money for all their weapons. These kids just have tons of money and super futuristic weapons. Yeah, right. Van Wilder was the only reason I kept watching the movie. He was hilarious. Everyone else sucked. Did I forget anything? Prolly. One last thing...that first scene with the 'comic book knockoff effect' where Blade, VW, and Chicka go charging into that building in full daylight with swords and guns? I busted out laughing. Talk about implausible. So these people, in broad daylight, can run into this building, push people around, kill people, and nobody calls the cops, who the Vamp pwn outright? You've gotta be kidding me. Lame, lame, lame. I gotta stop, I could keep going. I am sup upset at the end of the Blade series. Now I fear that this will continue with offshoots from Van Wilder and the Chicka.
  7. I'm signed up for the Beta now. When I get my account, I'll post my name, etc.
  8. At least you get to dl it spiral. I'm still waiting in the queue to get sent my authentification key so I can dl the darn thing...
  9. I'm so stoked, that I'm taking the day off of work...it should be a national holiday. Btw, WoW is also being released on the same day...my darn hands are going to fall off from all the gaming.
  10. I do a 3 year cycle...and thank god I finally upgraded. My new pc is wizz-bang fast. I haven't upgraded my vid card yet though...waiting for b-day money.
  11. Another idea: Run Firefox...its superior to IE and is much more secure. You can get it at www.mozilla.org.
  12. I want this game BAD. Unfortunately I gotta upgrade my PC first (next month).
  13. Thanks for the link yall. Found a bunch of interesting stuff. That sight sparked a further question: It looks like the AMD Semperon has comparable performance to the Intel 3.2G Pentium that I was contemplating (for half the price), and the AMD 64 (for $50 less) by far outperforms them. Ne1 have any experience with the 64? I know that it supports 32B operations and apparently wails on Doom, but I'm seeking more knowledge before I purchase one. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the wonderful input Tek. Very much more advice as well written, and sourced as yours and I will be at peace.
  15. ...I seek. Ok, wassup yall. Now I know, yall are going to say "Whitie's a software engineer, he should know this stuff", well, as an overworked Software Engineer, I haven't had the time (and doubt I would if I could) to keep abreast on the latest and greatest in the hw world. Normally it isn't an issue because I'm not buying computer parts, but... I'm going to build a new PC for HL2. In fact, the day it goes gold, I'm ordering my parts so that I'm prepared to pwn HL2. My 3 year old PC definately won't cut it. Now I've pretty much sketched out what I'm buying and my pricepoints on most items, except I'm having issues deciding on a Video Card. My pricepoint is circa $300. Now for that I can either buy a low end nVidia 6800 (with 128M of RAM among other things) or a high end 9800 pro (with 256M of RAM and all the bells). nVidia, obviously pushing their new hardware, says the 6800 is vastly supperior and therefore I should buy that, even on the low end. What do yall think? Should I go for the pimped 9800pro, or should I purchase the 'value' 6800? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  16. I was in the beta too. I haven't enjoyed a RTS since Starcraft. I loved this game. Only downside was it taught me that I DEFINATELY need to upgrade my rig.
  17. Melbourne FL, DJ. Shoot me some E next time you're around. I'd love to meet ya. Just got back. House is fine, a little bit of flooding and gonna have to replace some oak trees. Besides that, I'm very lucky I have a brand new house. There are a lot of people in my area that are not so lucky.
  18. I haven't been around in a while due to work and other things, but to any of yall that might be worried about me because I live RIGHT where Frances is supposed to come ashore, worry not. I'm leaving to drive to Dallas bright and early tomorrow morning. I might not have a house when I get home, but I'm gonna have a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend with the family. Yall take care.
  19. You're folks are going to buy you a $30K car??? Wow... Dude honestly though, as a junior in high school, I really wonder if its safe for you to have something as fast as either of those cars. I think you should go for something a little slower.
  20. White Knight


    My only advice is get a degree in something technical, so that you can make a living. Don't get a journalism, history, liberal arts degree because you're gonna be managing McDonalds for the rest of your life if you do. Get an nice technical degree so you can make $$$. I'm 2 years out of college and make way more than my dad (with an engineering degree). =)
  21. You've already got 32K on your car? Man, I was upset about my 34K...and my car's a year older than yours. Yucky. Auto-X is fun. I haven't done it since college, but ahh...the memories...
  22. The butte is better but its still round, and ground, and about to get a Triple-X-po down. Don't rely on your tires lastin a long time...if they're anything like the stock POS that come on my car. Barely lasted 15K miles.
  23. It was pretty good, better than I expected. I was pretty amazed at how little they actually followed the Illiad. Same general theme, but seriously different story. Also amazing how they compressed a 10 year war into like 5 days. All in all it was better than other movies I've seen this year. They did set up for both the Illiad's sequals, so I'll be interested in seeing that. btw, was anyone else amused at how many LotR characters were in this movie? Legolas, Boromir...
  24. hellboy was the bomb diggitty...except for the ending. That was lame. About the 20th time I saw that dog-demon thing I wondered if a single CGI monster was all the makers could afford. They proved me wrong with Octopus evil demon god...
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