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  1. Yeah, Every car I own has turbos. I love turbos. Not superchargers, just turbos.
  2. So, I had the file already in sys32. I followed the instructions though. I did the test before I did anything and I had good colors. Anyway, It seems its the same. I will let you know more as it time passes.
  3. So I just purchased the monitor. I had a 30" Professional Dell Monitor P series and it worked well, but I heard Jackie and all the hype of his 24" and about the 1ms response time and the 144 Hz. So Went and bought this 27" for a local retailer who had it for the same price as online stores have it for which is around $799. If I did not like it, It would be an easy return. Mind you this monitor is 3" smaller than the dell I had. You cannot even compare. Everything is so crisp and smooth. The 1ms response time and 144 Hz (once set on the desktop settings) really show how nice my graphics card with this monitor is. The desktop even looks better. Then playing games, is awesome. I cant believe I was playing on my 30" dell this long. My 30" dell is no slouch, but this 27" makes gaming so much more fun. It also looks just as nice with a nice stand and thin bezel. It is paired with a single GTX-780ti. I recommend this monitor not on stats, but on how awesome it performs now with my video card. I played Call of Duty and L4D2 last night to see how it compared. So much crisper. Regards -Turbo
  4. Thanks for setting this all up Jackie.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsTc2i9tJhk
  6. By the way, I dont think not one Admin thought otherwise that it was not a clear advantage for using certain workshop items. I would say 100% of the admins all agreed that the stuff we saw clearly showed an advantage to the user having them. I feel we spent more time, trying to whitelist stuff (not me but Jackie and Crasx) and figuring out if it was bannable than anything else. We debated this a lot.
  7. No they don't, but what we saw showed a clear advantage for aiming.
  8. Last night was an eye opener. No more Super Human Star Players. Skeets were far less. WOW. You guys were all running workshop items? How unfair!
  9. Pump, It cant be done. Crasx been working on it. So has Jackie. We cant thank or pay them enough. I am glad the workshop is disabled now. It showed light on many miracle plays from the past that were being questioned by admins. I have spent countless hours with admins reviewing demos. Those hours now make sense.
  10. We have been discussing it in the Admin Forum. This is not up for debate, We saw a clear advantage for players running them.
  11. Actually Clony, you are not guilty of this IMO. You actually say something when its stacked and an admin is on.
  12. This is coming from the game tonight, where regulars choose to do nothing to help out the game on GC. I put up a vote that fails, and no one wants to fix the situation. Regulars acting likes it OK for this game, because will ,you know its 10 v 10. Players who always complain about stacks to me, then are quiet on the winning team. Then watching scores 112 v 1500. Come on. Do you really enjoy games like that?
  13. I played that map with jerk. Was lots of fun. Locked out entire team
  14. I was wearing the undies I play with L4D2 with.
  15. LOL on final animation. As for my legs. They are dead Sexy
  16. Rocket Spawn as Jockey. Thats always fun.
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