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  1. Kongurin1

    Jumping jockey upgrade?

    I don´t want jumping jockeys. have tried it on some other severs, did´n like it. same goes for turning chargers, chargers moving cars and other "tank hit´ables", moving smokers and boomers putting out lit tanks, they are just to powerful.
  2. Kongurin1

    Saying goodbye as a member and admin

    take care dude no maestro i´m still here
  3. Kongurin1

    is my membership expired??

    yeah I talked too an admin about it, anddidn know how too delete this post again.....
  4. Kongurin1

    is my membership expired??

    is my membership expired?? I keep getting kicked of the server is there any way too see when it expires? if not there should be
  5. Kongurin1

    the votekick option back

    I remember in the old days when members had the option to votekick players. but I also remember that this option was abused to kick new players that did´n understand the way the server worked (the buy system and such) . and was also abused to kick players that weren´t good at the game. that was clearly an abuse of the votekick option. but lately, especially when the server is packed with new players on European prime time, we have had a lot of trouble with new players that rush, grief and swear, and there is no admin around. Maestro is the only European admin that I know of and he does an awesome job. but he cant be on 24/7. therefore I want to know if there is any chance that regular members. that have a good attitude towards new players. can get the votekick "power" back so we can get rid of the players that ignore the rules when there´s no admin around? (please don´t pay attention to my spelling. English is not my first nor second language) =LIGS=Kongurin
  6. Kongurin1

    Recommend me a new headset

    I use the http://www.amazon.com/Razer-Megalodon-Surround-Gaming-Headset/dp/B002EVPBH0 VERY light, and so comfortable you almost don´t notice your wearing them and great 7.1 sound
  7. Kongurin1

    renewal of membership

    got paypal to work, so how long will it be until the renewal kick in?
  8. I tried to renew my membership today. but when I hit the "confirm this order" button, nothing happened. does anyone know why?? -Kongurin
  9. Kongurin1

    l4d2 video

    that video was actually recorded today
  10. Kongurin1

    Mercman abusing member votekick privilege

    since so many of the L4D2 admins are not active anymore. i say..... make Merc an Admin. he is active on the server. and knows/respects the rules
  11. Kongurin1


    will miss gaming with you Gummy. take care
  12. Kongurin1

    Fragfest Ohio

    it would take me about 30+ hours on plane. and cost about 2600$ so I don´t think i´m coming
  13. Kongurin1

    The War Z

    I got the game. they DO have 100 plrs servers, but the revive of your characters after they die is 4 hours, but you can revive it anytime for 50 game cash. but its pretty booring, its just a lot of walking between the villages looting them, just so some other player can kill you and steel your loot. you can buy "game cash" and with this cash you can buy ammo, food and drinks, medical supplies and upgrades 4 your weapons. but you cant buy guns, gotta find all your guns in game, but they only come with 1 clip of ammo, and since ammo is hard too find, they rely on you too buy the ammo ofr cash. but I think if a couple of people play it together, and loot other players, its alot lot more fun, and cheaper, then just running around alone, that is what ive been doing.
  14. Kongurin1

    L4D2 player/member commands list, & BINDS

    this is how u get the console with european keyboard
  15. I have two accounts here at gcftw.com this one that is the one I use (kongurin1) . my other account "Kongurin), is an inactive account, I have forgotten the password for it, and I never use it, thats why I would like too get it deleted if possible. -Kongurin1