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  1. I haven't missed one yet, count me in for sleeping at my computer!
  2. I am in but have no idea where to send my money
  3. Ya I can make it Thursday evening
  4. I have too many people out at work I can not be there till Friday night. I am more than willing to help out in what ever way possible. If you need help deciphering the electrical boxes you can call me on my cell. Fattness and yourmomma got it
  5. Sounds like I will be playing board games more than computer games this year.... I will bring WizWar
  6. Crap I should check the forums more often.....Please count me in for AH do you have the dunwich expansion? I can get it most likely.
  7. He lies I can reply and thanks for forgetting me 2 years in a row now
  8. I dont think I can get Zima in a keg sorry
  9. I can bring wiz war i think it supports 8-10 player and I can bring battle star galactica
  10. Should we get a keg again this year if so who is willing to pitch in and what kind should we get?
  11. Im booked do we get the free breakfast this year?
  12. Sign me up Ill give you the money on the 4th of july
  13. check and speaking of, ill give you one for fragfest on the 4th
  14. I am in for the loading golf and setup
  15. Awesome I will be printing this 40in x 60in and bringing it
  16. Evolution Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  17. Been looking for a video card for my new budget gaming PC, and this is the lowest I've seen on a 8600GT with DDR3. $79.99 after rebate with free shipping at Newegg: http://slickdeals.net/?sduid=200671&t=...N82E16814130297 Only downside I see is that it has 1xDVI and 1xVGA instead of 2xDVI
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