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  1. if you are observing her do these things on the regular(which i assume is the case since you said she is in FACT doing so), thats enough evidence. you do not need video or data proof that shes using her phone so much. but since u said she's using it more after being told, she's doing it to spite you guys. be straight with her and tell her if she doesnt stop, she will be fired. if you guys really need so called "evidence" of fear that she will sue or something dumb, go install cameras or something in the work space. it will show when she is and is not working and for all the times shes missing from her desk for whatever reason.
  2. would say, take care of the baby when its still a newborn. esp if you guys are ok financially for u to be off work for a while. congrats though
  3. do u browse imgur? i see progress pics a lot there. please show before and after pics after a year. lol
  4. or pms or preggo. she may go a lot for those reasons too lol but yea. best bet would be to tell her that her job is on the line if she doesnt stop these things or provide a good reason as to why these things are happening. A cut in work like that on a daily basis is not ok.
  5. do u mean shes using her personal phone too much at work? just tell her to staph. i dont think it matters if u have the data to back it up. pinpointing it to a specific device of someone's is prob not possible and maybe not legal.if you mean just monitoring the company's network traffic, thats definitely possible.
  6. certain type of horde being bought is possible. ive seen it. ceda horde is the fire resistant ones. jimmy gibb horde, lotta hp(1k i believe, though hs/melee works on em) and also fire resistant lol as for crates, doesnt matter to me, havent seen it as often as before.
  7. oakgyrl510


    even some members still have to reminded of the rules after x amount of time on l4d2 AND gc server, who u foolin lol throw custom camps in the test server =x
  8. nah it can be like vip mode, just whenever enabled.
  9. but 4v4 not enough space O= 10v10 no buy lol
  10. and this is why we dont have votekick as members anymore. kicking someone for skill is not a valid reason. id rather u get back onto the l4d2 server so that what you are saying is more validated with examples of current situations that you may encounter. you said u havent been on the server for 2 years, things have changed. come see em for yourself rather than dwell on what you knew of previously. no one gets punished for not using or sharing points.
  11. half the people that usually complain about spitter holds dont even buy limits. pftttt i buy limits all the time, id know lol
  12. no sending ya, just pure teamwork.
  13. bring it back please. sometimes. esp when its all member games. would be fun to see how the teamwork really is with members lol or if its still there, can the commands be posted somewhere where admins can see it to enable/disable it? cause i was told its not in /admin and i remember admins having to type it in. //i talked to a couple people about this awhile ago, forgot to post about it. lol
  14. be safer, that sounds scary lol
  15. pathing is basically change the path, like when people ask for jackie pathing. choo hasnt been on this server as far as ive seen, the dynamics is all different. he'd have to play it and get the feel first. //iveplayedmgserversiknowwhothatis.
  16. Not to get off topic well I guess this is sorta on. He was perma banned for calling his team f****ing noobs, and this was after being kicked for bot spamming and continuing even after asked to not he was told to stop. Had he just bot spammed I would have just given him a 15 min. im just saying, his first ban is still a perm ban. you said people do slip up and make mistakes, his mistake cost him a perm ban. usually after first time someone cuss, people tell em not to do it, then if they continue or fight about it, a kick/ban is implemented from previous experience which is what i think would be right. so yes, this guy didnt get warned for lang but got perm ban for that and bot spam. i just dont see whats wrong with a day or week ban instead esp since its not like he's continually getting banned for his actions. i dont see where he was given the choice to make up for what he did wrong with the cussing. he was initially kicked for bot spam, not cussing.
  17. i've been reprimanded for going back for nubs players by members and admins. to members, i told them i wont leave a human player if they are somewhere where i can go back to save em. to the admins, i said nothing and just went back for em. if they got a prob with it, im not breaking any rules so if i was kicked or banned for it, its unjustified. its in my nature to help, even if nub player is shopping or whatever. ive died countless times tryin to help those in back. rushers? i never rush to save em, they deserve to die for rushing. on that note though, ive seen many nub players get PERM ban for less. griefing, attitude and language/racism issues, i get why they may get perm ban on first account sometimes. but perm ban for their first couple time on server for bot spammin and/or rushing? i dont think thats justified. just last night, someone was perm banned for "bot spamming," which i think is silly since its his first ban record as well and he's clearly new to the server based on his hours. http://www.gamrs.co/l4d/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:26640135&advType=steamid&Submit http://www.gamrs.co/l4d/stats/player.php?steamid=STEAM_1:1:26640135
  18. then rather than toning down hunters, how about toning up other class inf so they can get more achievements? cause right now hunters have the most with 3 achievements. the others have 1-2 class specific ones. broken down: hunter 3, charger 2, jock 2, smoker 2, spitter 1, boomer 1
  19. doing something similar to this for l4d2 server would be good, but right now the rotation of camps seem to depend on time of day. at night, l4d1 camps are popular, during day, the l4d2 camps. lol
  20. its not downloadable from the server from my experiences.Ex: if u dont have the camp or the right version that it changes to for next one, itll just kick u to main menu. itll tell u where to get the map though if u revisit the server in the server list.
  21. do itttttttttttttt. //i've tried most of the popular custom camps and like a couple survival ones(helms is fun only with a ton of op infected abilities cause its such a wide field with barely any cover). bots in custom campaigns get lost though or stuck sometimes, which can mess up a game.
  22. diamond always make fun of me for trying to save nubs ='[ lol XD disable scoreboard? id be up for it because some people cant learn to lose lol
  23. what talpa said. on that note though, hope crasx putting in those extra achievements in the big update, possibly inf combo hits for extra pts instead of just solo hit achievements lol
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