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  1. lostoften

    Buckeye Breakaway

    Hello GC community, it has been too long since I have been active in the forums and on the servers. I wanted to reach out for any support this community could provide towards a great cause. This weekend I will be participating in the MS buckeye breakaway. I will ride 175 miles over Saturday and Sunday. If you find yourself with $5 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, please consider donating it towards a worthy cause. http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=11364993&pg=personal&fr_id=27178&et=x0bEL_FZFdparVXN5T-_2w&s_tafId=457065 Any support is greatly appreciated by myself and the MS society. Thanks in advance, Lost
  2. lostoften

    CSS or CS:GO

    Can't even be called frag fest without just war 2!
  3. lostoften

    After making it to Act 2...

    And still not finding anyone to sell scrolls of identification, or having mosters drop any, I googled. Right clicking is challenging sometimes
  4. lostoften

    Diablo 3 Battletags and Ventrilo

  5. lostoften

    first DSLR?

    I just got the t2i, a couple months ago. New to slr's but am enjoying figuring it out.
  6. lostoften

    $9.99 for a "Premium" Text Message

    Going through the same thing with my wifes line, very aggrivating.
  7. lostoften


    Dont know whats worse, that they made that video or that i watched it
  8. lostoften

    Cedar Point!!!

    Samurai I would be bitter too, if all I knew were Kings Island rides. However, cedar point is much better and practically cost the same. Bring a deck of cards, and a group of friends and your fine. Just dont be too surprised to pay $4 for a bottle of water
  9. lostoften

    PS3 - Online Network Friend Name

    think so will double check
  10. lostoften

    PS3 - Online Network Friend Name

  11. lostoften

    the cable companies own us...

    Would you really want to pay by the usage of internet? I think everyone on these forums would end up in the higher range for a bill then.
  12. lostoften

    Its a BOY!!!!!

  13. lostoften

    My father passed away early this morning

    Sorry for your loss.
  14. dweezil what issues di you experience? Currently I can not get my upgrade from XP to vista ultimate past the initial reboot at 21% of expanding phase. A blue scrren appears and says that a problem has occurred. I have tried all of the steps suggested but is continuing to fail. On restart though, i am able to load XP just fine. I ran mcafee prior to removing it, and it found no viruses.
  15. lostoften