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  1. I got mine Friday night, stayed up til 5am reading. Slept for two hours, got up and rode to Tifton for Mustard's brother's wedding, reading thw whole way.... Partied at the reception, read all the way home Sunday and finished it around 6pm that night. Favorite book of the series. By faaaar. **SPOILER!!!** Told you Snape was a good man. **END SPOILER!!!** There.
  2. I will not look at whatever you've posted.......And Snape is not evil!
  3. I think y'all just got a talking to....
  4. We'll be there next year. We're planning on bring our son. He'll be nine by then.
  5. Me and General Lee Yeee-haaw! You're welcome.
  6. Bugs don't bother me. Especially spiders, unless they're poisonous. But.....holy hades......
  7. It slipped in there 'cause I'm a show-off.
  8. Exactly a month late, but, hey, thanks! For posting my AGE! HA! Just kidding. The funny part is, I still get carded for buying cigarettes. And I have amazing legs.
  9. Fat, you just want to make everyone jealous of how hawt you are.
  10. I've heard that told as an urban legand, but never as a joke. Works better as the legand.
  11. How are you coming? I-75? I-85? You'd be going right through Atlanta either way. If you come down 85, you come within poking distance of our house. And you can just tell all those women that you have an insane craving for some hot, naked, extra wet.....wings. With bleu cheese and celery. And curly fries.
  12. Ok, Fat. Just ignore the drunk's question.
  13. I hope not! I'm only 19 By the time I was 19 I was married with a child. But that's one of those " Do as I say, not as I do" type situations. Anyhoo, Fat. Might there be a chance of stopping in The ATL again this year? I swear I won't go out the night before and get completely snookered and miss it. Again.
  14. Is this little guy supposed to mean that I talk a lot? Cause if he does, you'd be right.
  15. I'm so excited! There will be no restaurant openings to hold me back this year, and Mustard has already got that week off. And this year, I'm bringing my laptop! I don't play, but I won't have to mooch time on other people's comps to get on the internet. YAY!! Also, we need to organize some time for all us ladies to go out and shop 'n stuff that doesn't conflict with anything like photos. And a grand time will be had by all!
  16. seriously...you guys still eat peanut butter sandwiches? On toasted bread, with honey. Yum......
  17. You get a tax deduction for the tanning bed and make-up? Dude, I want that! I don't think you'd look any good in The Orange Shorts. That's the only reason I can write stuff like that off; cause I buy it for my job. But it's still great.
  18. Lets see, when Mustard gets home I'm going to go to the tanning bed, and then to the mall to spend too much money on make-up. But I can write both of those off on my taxes, so that's cool. And my toilet makes weird bubbly noises when my washing machine drains.
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